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White Label Software – The Leading Software in 2023

By jwork 15th January 2023

Every type of White label product is re-brandable, re-sellable. Here “Re” implies that even though a company owns the product, they can sell it again to another buyer at a price of their choice. The catch is that the reseller can do their branding on the product, and the buyer won’t know who is the original designer or manufacturer. Here is where a white label software comes into picture.

Starting a business or launching a new service in an existing business today is much easier than it was before. Business owners needed to invest resources that, more often than not, rained heavily on their pockets. Building software from the ground up came along with many pitfalls. Doing so –

  • Slowed the product’s time-to-launch in the market.
  • Resulted in excessive spending to build every aspect of the software.
  • Deprived one access to the technical expertise and know-how.

However, the path to becoming an entrepreneur today has smoothened with the debut of white-label software and services. 

What is white-label software?

A white-label software is a generic software without any branding that’s developed and sold to companies as a service. Businesses can purchase access to the software, add their branding to it and resell it as their own as though it was developed by themselves. There are many reasons why this can be a better alternative to custom software that is developed from the ground up. White label software is usually sold under a software as a service or SaaS model, making it very attractive to businesses who cannot fork up the entire cost of the license upfront.

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White Label Software - The Leading Software in 2021 | Yelo | Jungleworks

Which businesses can use white-label software?

Businesses across industries have found using white label software useful and valuable.

Here are a few examples of businesses that use white label software:

  • Taxi services and ride-hailing apps
  •  Food delivery services
  •  Logistics and dispatch
  •  Grocery delivery platforms
  •  Home services and utilities
  •  Healthcare providers
  •  Beauty and at-home salon services


White-labeled business software brings a host of features to the table, allowing users to have the smoothest possible experience. Here are some of the many features:

  • Customization and branding solutions: You can customize your white label app to match the design language of your brand, so it’s consistent with all your other products and services. You can also integrate custom features into the default white label app as per your needs.
White Label Software - The Leading Software in 2021 | Yelo | Jungleworks
  • Customer Support: One of the major considerations when purchasing a white label ordering app product is to ensure that you can always reach out to a backend support team that will assist you with any queries at any time.
  • Analytics and data: Powerful analytics can help you take stock of how your business is performing and make informed decisions. 
White Label Software - The Leading Software in 2021 | Yelo | Jungleworks

How can white-label software help your business attain new heights?

 A white label software product can help businesses in many ways. We’ve put together a list of the main reasons why you’d want to choose it:

  • Cost-effective: Building an app from scratch can take a long time and a lot of money only to find that the app doesn’t perform as you expect it to. You’d also have to invest a considerable amount of resources to get it off the ground. A white-labeled app is ready to be deployed from the get-go, allowing you to save on precious resources.
  • Ready to market: White label delivery app software helps you be ready to launch right from the start. This makes it a great option for businesses trying to offer their services as soon as possible in a competitive market.
White Label Software - The Leading Software in 2021 | Yelo | Jungleworks
  • Smooth user experience: White label ordering app is a complete packages that have been tested to ensure no rough corners or bugs are hindering the experience. Ensuring a great user experience often translates to great reviews and customer satisfaction.
  • All-round solution: It can be quite complex to build software that connects the user, admin, and the service provider. This is a common problem faced by many businesses such as food delivery and ride-hailing services, but white label on demand delivery app can take care of that in a jiffy.
  • Zero Involvement in Development and Project Management:  Zero involvement in project management implies that you won’t have the headache to develop the product perfectly or manage the team and the project. While the original developer company takes all the pain of development, the reseller is involved in project management; the end-user is left with paying for the solution and starts using it. 

This means that you will receive a working solution at optimal prices without any responsibility for creating and managing the development process. You can also check White-label Business Opportunity Ideas for Entrepreneurs.

Some Potential Problems With White Label Software

Data Ownership and Access: Thanks to Cloud technology, Whitelabel applications can cater to a large number of businesses simultaneously. However, the problem it creates is that your data (customers, payments, products, etc.) is available on the same storage server as others using the SaaS platform. 

As a result, there is no exclusivity in data ownership and access because the service provider (the reseller) also has access to those files. However, this issue is solvable if the reseller or the SaaS service provider assures every tenant about complete separation of their data with no scope of leakage and overlapping. 

Limited Scope of Customisation: Customising your business platform with White label software with multiple tenants is undoubtedly easy. But the extent of customisation is limited. This reduces the scope to build a bespoke brand presence and enhance its visibility in the process. Whatever customisation abilities are there, they are generic, with little to no scope of making a difference. 

Having said that, the onus of choosing the right platform is on you. Hence, ensure that the software you are choosing already has the required design elements that augment your product, services, and user experience.

Scalability: White label software works on an “as-is” basis. Your business requirements, needs, and customers might increase, but every software may not be able to accommodate these changes. 

Here again, the White label software are divided in terms of inherent capacity to scale. Where some software like Yelo provide seamless scalability depending on the needs, others might not be able to give this kind of freedom. 

While the disadvantages of working with a White label software are evident, we also have the solutions to circumvent these challenges and access a solution that adapts to your specific needs and requirements.

Yelo – The Best White Label Software

 Yelo is your best bet when it comes to white label software with thousands of satisfied customers to vouch for our product. At Yelo, we put customer satisfaction first and ensure that you face no issues with your white label app and that it serves all your needs.

White Label Software - The Leading Software in 2021 | Yelo | Jungleworks

You can have us customize your choice of white-label software to check all the right boxes and even offer exclusive and custom features to your customers. With powerful analytics to back you up all along the way, you can visualize the results of using a robust, scalable software by Yelo.

Working with Yelo means that you won’t have to rely on costly development teams to help you build adaptive marketplaces. Instead, Yelo has inbuilt functions and features to help you build, launch, and scale your multi-vendor marketplace as required. 

Yelo comes with inbuilt themes that are personalised according to the industry. The Yelo themes are built by studying the industry-centric audiences and aim at delivering the best customer experience. In addition, these themes are easy to customise and are designed by professionals. 

Wrapping up 

Being a white label software reseller is a tried and tested business model that has helped many businesses scale into different verticals without the hassle of developing an app from scratch. With great cost-efficiency and scalability, using white label software can help your business perform better than ever.

Among others, you can try Yelo to create your marketplace and use its features plus functions for building advanced, user-friendly, and top-notch service. Moreover, Yelo gives you the option to choose from a variety of different themes and customize your platform as required. In terms of scalability, Yelo has the ability to help you manage the increasing number of orders and visitors seamlessly without causing a lag. 

Get in touch with us now to see how you can have your white label app ready to deploy to your customers.

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