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    A Sneak Peek into 4 Types of Delivery Services


    Starting a delivery business is not as difficult as it seems but the real catch is in defining what type of delivery(or pick-up) business model you would like to explore. There are numerous articles discussing these models, but none have been able to clearly put down the most authentic forms of delivery models as of […]

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    GASCO: Scaling up Gas Delivery Business with Strategic Investment

    Delivery Business

    With an experience of 161 years, Empresas Gasco is a leading energy company in Chile supplying a wide range of energy solutions at convenient rates. We have been providing the world-class delivery business solution to Gasco which allowed Gasco to efficiently supply gas cylinders to households, businesses, and industries in Chile seamlessly. Our Approach We […]

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    5 mistakes you must avoid in your Delivery Business

    Delivery Business

    When it comes to delivery management, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. In the competitive delivery business, customer retention rate and the average lifetime value of the customer are most important factors to consider. A single bad impression of the delivery business results in loss of customers forever. To put it another […]

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    How Batchwise Pooling Reshaping On Demand Courier Package Delivery

    package delivery

    ‘Smart Delivery Management’ is aimed at providing smart solutions for on demand package delivery. A mix of technological development, business insights and growth opportunities, on demand package delivery is ready to reach its height. The expectation of customers has increased exponentially with constantly changing and developing the technology. Logistics management and customer support became the […]

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    6 hacks for Entrepreneurs to succeed in the On Demand Industry

    on demand

    In the competitive business world, every entrepreneur wants to be fortunate to grow their business or disrupt the industry. In fact, it’s tough for on demand economy to dive into competitive world competing against sharing economy enterprises. It is important to realize, on demand services changed the way of operation making lives of people easy and […]

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    An effortless way to handle thousands of employee parcels every day

    employee parcels

    Ever wondered how enterprises with an employee strength of more than 10,000 workers handle all the delivery parcels they receive every day on behalf of their employees? Sounds quite a tedious task! Traditionally, enterprises had mail-room staff workers who, manually, matched the parcels to their respective owners and delivered it to them in slots. However, […]

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    Future of Pick up and Delivery Business

    Pick up and delivery businesses are trying hard to optimize the delivery and operation costs.

    In the distributed economic environment, enterprises between different industries are now interconnected. Logistics companies became the source of communication among different companies and industries. Enterprises can either outsource the pick up and delivery services or can form in-house team. Large chunk of sales revenue goes into handling of logistics including delivery costs. Pick up and […]

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    Importance of Fleet Management Software in Car Rental Industry

    Field Management Software in Car Rental Industry

    Travelling to unexplored locations with friends and family members is everyone’s desire. Seeing new destinations with your own vehicle is the most popular way. Not everyone is able to buy their own vehicle and travelling through rough patches require SUV’s. The most practical and cost effective way is cars rental. Renting cars with different car […]

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    Etsy Business & Revenue Model Explained: How Etsy Works & Makes Money


    What is Etsy? Etsy is an e commerce marketplace that enables artists to sell handmade unique products to interested buyers around the world. The business model of Etsy can be described as somewhat similar to Amazon or eBay, but with the difference that Etsy provides an amazing value to both buyers and sellers. On one […]

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    How Ebay Works: Business & Revenue Model

    online marketplace Ebay

    B2C and C2C multinational e-commerce online marketplace Ebay based in California started their operations in 1995 and went public in 1998. With over $9.6 billion annual revenue and 170 million active users as of quarter 4th of 2017, Ebay is well accepted e-commerce online marketplace. Ebay sell their products either via a silent auction where […]

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