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How Batchwise Pooling Reshaping On Demand Courier Package Delivery

By Akshat Bansal 30th May 2018

‘Smart Delivery Management’ is aimed at providing smart solutions for on demand package delivery. A mix of technological development, business insights and growth opportunities, on demand package delivery is ready to reach its height. The expectation of customers has increased exponentially with constantly changing and developing the technology. Logistics management and customer support became the backbone of on demand courier package delivery industry. With growing expectation of customers, retailers started shifting to on demand delivery model. Asian countries are now introduced to on demand models with the entering of Uber in the industry in transportation and food delivery space. On demand package delivery is benefiting from new innovations. It’s a safe bet for customers, enterprises and also for delivery agents.

How are new ideas refreshing the on demand courier package delivery industry?

Well established leaders in on demand delivery industry are looking for new innovation in process of delivering. The main aim is to reduce the operation cost and streamline all operation for hassle-free deliveries. Various delivery management solutions offer different features but Tookan came up with an innovative solution to reshape the way delivery industry works.

Tookan Pooling first package delivery solution

Tookan, field force management solution also offers the functionality of managing deliveries. On pickup and delivery tasks, delivery agent can assign their next task in a pool to save time. In fact, in this way, the estimated time of delivery to each parcel will be reduced by a great margin. The system auto assigns the batch of deliveries to the agent in the queue. Delivery agent can also mark the threshold radius for delivery. In Pooling system of package delivery, delivery agent can only set a maximum limit of 2 pools. If both pools are in progress next pool won’t be assigned to the delivery agent. Only if one of the pool is available, only then the system can assign next pool.

You might be competing well with international players in package delivery industry. Tookan pooling feature ensures you to have streamline package delivery operations to compete in international as well as in the local market. Pooling feature for auto-assigning deliveries batch-wise ensures cost reduction. Try Tookan 14 days free demo for your business.

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