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An effortless way to handle thousands of employee parcels every day

By Akshat Bansal 23rd May 2018

Ever wondered how enterprises with an employee strength of more than 10,000 workers handle all the delivery parcels they receive every day on behalf of their employees? Sounds quite a tedious task!

Traditionally, enterprises had mail-room staff workers who, manually, matched the parcels to their respective owners and delivered it to them in slots. However, this consumed an enormous amount of time and effort. Imagine delivering parcels to thousands of employees in a day, that too, in the same office!

Is it really a hectic task to handle employee personal parcels in enterprise mail room?

 24% of the worldwide population prefer to buy products online. Surprisingly, 53% of employees use their office time for online shopping. According to the survey by Statista in 2017, 67% millennial and 56% generation X prefer to shop online. Millennial and generation X make the largest generation of the labour force as office employees. Consequently, big enterprises with the number of employees in thousands receive a large number of parcels every day. Delivering products to employees against each parcel from the mail room of the enterprise to a particular employee is a hectic task.

How are enterprises handling employee personal parcels in the mail room?

A number of companies have banned their employees from having parcels delivered at the workplace. HSBC, Citi and JP Morgan are some names who don’t allow employees to have personal deliveries at the workplace. Moreover, their mail room staffs were unable to manage a large number of parcels of employees every day. Canary Wharf, London receives 450 personal deliveries of employees each day. Different working hours of employees and parcel on the day off further increase the pressure on mail room staff.

The problem of delivering parcels from office mail room to particular employee is faced by many companies around the world. Most of the companies mail room staff operate in a traditional way of manually assigning the person to deliver product at employee desk or dispatching product at mail room counter. To streamline the delivery of parcels internally into a business office and increasing efficiency, delivery management software is the need in big enterprises. A very basic yet a complex problem can be eventually solved by Tookan with bar code integration.

Singapore based enterprise with an employee strength of over 13,000 workers also facing a similar problem.  Every day, they received on an average 1500 parcels which, in time. In short, it became impossible to handle even with their basic tech support. A major chunk of their resource went in to manage all the parcels which weren’t even adding value to their business. They decided to make it a more streamlined and efficient process.

A quick way to streamline parcel delivery operations internally in the big enterprise

With Tookan delivery management software, assign a bar code to each parcel with details of employee. Automate the process of segmenting and grouping the parcels as per the department of the employee. Furthermore, you can also assign parcels to a particular lot according to floor or room of the employee. Reduce the paperwork of maintaining details of each parcel. Easily extract the details of an employee from the bar code and scan digital signature as a proof of delivery.

Once the parcel of employee reaches office mail room, a new bar code is assigned to each parcel creating a new task. Bar code encompasses the details of the employee along with his/her desk number, floor, or room. With Tookan easy to use and cost efficient delivery management software, automate all the task of delivering parcels at employee doorstep. Scan employee digital signature on completion of the task as a proof of task completion.

Tookan automates the parcel delivery process and reduces paperwork for maintaining records of each parcel. Grouping of parcels into different lot size depending on the employee working hour and employee’s desk location. Easily integrate Tookan delivery management software with real-time attendance record to check the availability of employee before dispatching of the parcel from enterprise mail room. In that case reduce delivery time of parcel within the enterprise premises by 27%. Decrease the pressure on mail room staff for delivering parcels inside the enterprise work space. Additionally, there is no need to ban employees from banning delivery of personal parcels at the workplace.

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