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8 Consultancy Marketplace Ideas to Work on to Become the Next Unicorn

By Deepak Digwal 6th August 2020
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We all have certain skills we are good at and it’s a win-win when we can turn our skill into a lucrative business idea. Consultancy marketplace is always in constant need of expert opinion to find solutions. And consequently, this makes starting your consulting practice a great way to turn your knowledge, interest, and expertise into a profitable business. Here are 8 Business Ideas to Get Started with a Consultancy Marketplace.

In this blog, we’ll be talking about 8 lucrative consultancy ideas that can make you the next big name in the market.

And if this feels like a tough row to hoe during a pandemic, worry not. You can still ideate and build a successful online consulting marketplace. We’ll be talking about how you can do it using Panther – a SaaS consultation marketplace development software.

Now, let’s dig in.

1. Start a Telemedicine Consultancy Marketplace

With the world cooped up in their homes, and medical professionals in high demand, it’s an ideal time to launch a telemedicine consultation service. With remote consultation becoming the new normal, you can have your personal on-demand doctor consultation app. This will let you easily connect with your patient remotely and consult them via audio & video calls. But at the same time, how do you differentiate yourself in an overcrowded online medical consultation business? Give it a read to know more.

2. Yoga & Fitness Consultancy Marketplace

46% of surveyed participants consider making virtual workouts a part of their routine, as reported by Forbes.

With the world going virtual in a matter of months, the desire to stay fit and healthy is more now than ever. You can consider starting your own fitness consultation that can help your clients build on their immunity. 

3. Legal Consultancy Marketplace

The legal consulting marketplace is expected to cross $344Bn, making it one of the best profitable business ideas to work on. Legal work usually is taxing and takes a lot of time and resources from lawyers and their clients. Setting up an online consultancy marketplace can help you quicken the entire process and generate revenue faster. 

4. Online Mentorship

Now that schools and colleges have completely moved online, the need for online tutoring is on a rise. With an online mentorship platform, you can render your knowledge on subjects and courses students will require, all remotely. Kickstart your mentoring classes online and reach out to a much larger pool of students.

5. Online Wine Tasting Business

In the words of Plato, “Nothing more excellent nor more valuable than wine was ever granted mankind by God”. True, isn’t it? They say wine is an acquired taste. You acquire it over time. Wine-tasting is a skill that can be taught. You can set up your online wine-tasting classes where you can educate people on how the chemistry of wine works.

6. Tea/Coffee Tasting

Now, that we have talked about wine lovers, what about our tea/caffeine addicts? If you’re a tea/coffee estate owner or are just passionate about them, you can think about setting up your tea/coffee tasting business online. There are many varieties of tea and coffee available, making them one of the most widely consumed beverages all around the world. Just like for wine, you can leverage technology to teach people the varieties, and nuances of their flavors.

7. Travel Consultancy Marketplace

With months of lockdown, travel attractions are slowly reopening to ensure tourists can travel again. People are hesitant to venture out but the travel bug doesn’t die, right? Here is where you can be of help. You can set up your own travel consulting marketplace online. Vacations are much needed during these stressful times and people would want to take them responsibly. You can set up your own app. Become the COVID-19 expert, and consult people on how they travel safely in the post-COVID-19 world again. 

8. Career Consultancy Marketplace

COVID-19 has affected industries and impacted millions of jobs around the world, making young people rethink their career choices. With economies plummeting and an uncertain future, people are looking for career guidance. And you can bank on this opportunity and set up your online career counseling sessions. Know everything about What Sets Panther apart from other Consultation Marketplaces?

Now, how do you start with any of these ideas online? 

Through an on-demand consultancy app like Panther, you can easily develop and start a marketplace for consultancy services. Panther’s SaaS platform lets you set up your online consultation marketplace through chats, audio & video calls with end-to-end encryption and a screen sharing feature. 

It also features Global secure payment integration for collecting payments. Furthermore, you can easily schedule appointments, use chatbots for accessibility and get listing and profile management services.

You can have your customizable and secured marketplace with a 24*7 dedicated support team to help you set up your business with Panther within minutes.
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