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Conversational Commerce: The Future of Consultation Services

By Vivek Choudhary 27th November 2019
Conversational Marketplace | Hippo

There’s been a buzz of on-demand apps regardless of their business domains. For every industry, staying a step ahead of the most recent tech trend remains the only option to survive in our ever-changing world. Gone are the days when people used to go miles for consulting a specialist. With the rise of online impact and on-demand services, conversational marketplace services had a chance to grow the business by going global. Now people demand instant solutions and on-demand services. That’s where Panther Consultation Marketplace Builder comes to your rescue. 

So now the question arises that what is a Consultation Marketplace?

It’s a platform where you can contact a specialist with just a tap of the button on your mobile phone. You can connect with a subject matter specialist and can take instant consultation via it and vice-versa. It gives you the ease of serving your customers or clients over the phone rather than meeting them in person. it will save you and your customers a lot of time.

Some of the best features of Panther Conversational Marketplace are:

  • Convert customers through instant communication: Allow customers to connect with service providers in real-time and hence convert them in less time.
  • Enable customers to connect through audio/video call: Panther Consultation Marketplace solution helps your customers to connect with experts over chat, audio or video call.
  • Give service providers the flexibility to set their rates: Let experts set their prices as per minutes or medium of communication or services provided by them.
  • Collect instant payments from customers: Integrate your conversational marketplace with multiple payment gateways to get instant payment.
  • Easily integrate your marketplace across social media platforms: Manage orders from all platforms in one account by integrating your marketplace with your facebook or Instagram pages.
  • Keep a track on your analytics: With Panther track your daily orders and revenue collected over a while.

The beauty of Consultation Marketplace is that it supports almost every use case where there is communication between two or more individuals. 

Some of the best use cases are:

Doctor-Patient :

Doctor-patient conversational marketplace | Hippo

Allowing patients to consult with doctors right from your couch is a great innovation.

Some of its features are : 

  • Scheduling appointments, online interaction such as individual chat, group chat can make you more visible to the patients.
  • Video chat between doctors and patients can reduce the traveling cost and will help your patients get treated instantly.
  • Sharing of prescriptions to patients after the call can increase the diagnosis of the patients

Tutor – Student :

Conversational Marketplace | Hippo

Offering a real-time learning experience is what most educational institutes are in search of. Solve this problem by creating a marketplace for such a use case. 

Some of its features are:

  • Create an opportunity for students to engage with staff and professors through real-time chat can sort any type of doubts right at any time and date.
  • Reaching students around the globe within the app through video or voice calls to make the teaching more effective.
  • Share your notes, videos, training courses through the app is another great way to reach more students and help them in their training.

Other professions such as an Astrologer, Dietician, Lawyer, Fashion Consultant, and many more can use these services to expand their customer reach.

Wrap Up:

Consultation Marketplace is an emerging technology that is applauded in the market. The enormous benefits can instantly level up your business and help you to stay a step ahead of your competitors.

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