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How I Turned my Wine Tasting Passion into a High-Returns Business?

By Deepak Digwal 5th August 2020

At Jungleworks, we’re always delighted to feature our clients’ success stories. Here is an incredible story as received by one of our successful Panther clients about how they turned their wine tasting passion into a high returns business. If you too have a story to share or a business idea to execute, let us know.

Here is my story stating what it took to get there!

If you asked me a year ago about my bank balance, I wouldn’t have much to say. I was tired of my 9 to 6 desk job and missed my teenage days the most. But now, I am a happy and wealthy self-made entrepreneur. Strange, isn’t it?

wine tasting

A casual meeting with a college friend

One weekend, I ran into one of my old college friends. Our short coffee outing that soon turned into a long discussion about life. While speaking my heart out, I told him how sometimes I felt stuck in this 6*6 cubicle jobs and ended up with no savings at the end of the month. 

This reminded us of our golden college days and long-wine tasting sessions. A part of me always wanted to live that life but sadly, society forces us to take the boring, corporate route. This is where my friend made a shocking revelation. I still remember his words- “Why don’t you start your own wine-tasting business”? This way you can live your passion and make plenty of money too.

wine tasting

And how did it start?

So, here’s the deal! If I can make money from a wine-tasting business idea, you definitely can too. The reason I am writing this is that I know there are many like me, who might be successful but are not happy with their job. The most common questions that popped everyone’s mind while I narrate my story are: 

  1. How should I get started?
  2. How much money is required for launching a business?

Let us skip the fluff, and get straight to the answers. Here is the key to live your life king-size without worrying much about anything else. 

wine tasting

Let’s go!

The friend I spoke to is a professional software engineer at a reputed SaaS firm, Jungleworks. He told me about their newbie product – Panther. It works under a consultancy business set-up and encourages the subject experts to launch their own business on an online platform.  After doing a couple of brainstorming sessions over it and other available consultancy software, available in the market, I found it quite impressive.

The best part of choosing Panther is: 

  • It is a low-maintenance business model
  • Suits your specific business use case needs
  • Includes audio/video calling features
  • It is a low investment business model

And the list is huge! You can click here to know more about it. 

This is all about my story. I started from scratch and now I’m planning to expand to further branches. Though I will still not reveal my bank balance publicly, one thing is for sure, it is sufficient for me to retire and plan a world tour!

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