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How Do You Differentiate Yourself In An Overcrowded Online Medical Consultation Business?

By Zeba Yasmeen 17th May 2021
Online Medical Consultation

The relevance and need for accessible healthcare have been on a continual rise ever since the world started battling SARS-CoV-2 earlier last year. With active lockdowns enforced in multiple countries with little to no freedom of movement, people inevitably switched to the internet to connect with doctors and medical professionals. With the widespread acceptance of the new way of consulting a doctor, the online medical consultation industry roared.

The telehealth market surge is predicted to touch a new high. While the global figure almost touched $80 billion in 2020, the market is forecasted to reach a phenomenal $396.76 billion by 2027, reports a study. Complementing this, the American Health Association reports that 76% of patients prioritize access to the healthcare service over an in-clinic consultation. With the demand taking its dutiful course, the supply is bound to swell. Evidently, having an online medical consultation business right now is a worthwhile business idea. 

Wondering how you can set up a successful online healthcare business that is synonymous with top-notch quality and care? In this blog, we will break down tips that you can implement for your medical consultation business!

Invest your energy in knowing and building customer relationships

In an incessantly booming healthcare space, you face fierce competition from your peers. Patients now have multiple choices at hand and a single differentiating factor can make your business stand out. Healthcare is sensitive and emotionally demanding for both the patient and the caregiver. The key here is to look for customers’ pain points and come with resolutions to them. For example, you can extend the wait times for your customers and/or offer better cancellation or rescheduling options.

In times like these, patients are looking for reliable medical services. Displaying your health provider’s credentials in the booking process can help you establish credibility and nurture trust in every customer. Go out of your way with customer service; surpassing customer care expectations can turn into positive word-of-mouth for your business.

online medical consultation

Simplify ”search, select, book” for your patients

More often than not, people looking for medical help require it urgently. While it can or not be an emergency, ensure that your patient journey from starting point to the finishing line is seamless. Your booking or ordering portal should be bug and error-free. Focus on streamlining the user interface for the customer-end platform. Your portal’s UI should be ergonomic and easy-to-use even for people operating your app/website for the first time. Smart allocation of the estate on the user interface can reduce the odds of your patient dropping out mid-booking.

A telemedicine platform builder like Panther offers highly responsive. Yet uncomplicated UI features to ensure your patients exit your platform after booking a consultation or placing an order.

Hassle-free merging in-clinic services to your online platform

The transition from one-to-one services to a virtual setup can be complex. Customers expect the same quality of services they get in a clinic on your online platform. This is why it’s imperative for you to choose a powerful all-in-one technology stack ideal for online healthcare business. For instance, your platform should offer effortless front-desk registration for new patients and timely follow-ups all the while automating business performance insights in a single visible frame.

Broaden your horizon with more than one product offering

As a new telehealth platform in the market, your aim should be delivering more than the presently available options. Limiting yourself to one service can make you lose out on other customer segments. For example, while you provide video doctor consultations, you can set up a different wing within your service offering. In that, you can prioritize emergency or critical cases for people who can not physically reach a healthcare professional at the moment. The idea is to avail a service or a product that is unexplored, yet promising to the users.

Implement and create your online medical consultation business with Panther today!

online medical consultation

Building an online consultation platform from the scratch can not only stall your time-to-launch in the market but also be hefty on the pocket. But not with Panther!

Panther marketplace builder is created to fit well with just any consultancy business. With no prior technical knowledge required to build a platform, Panther offers a pool of important features. And the consumers of 2021 are looking out for advanced features like these.

Create the service provider and customer-end apps equipped with features like advance search, real-time audio and video calls, easy payment options, and more. 

Not only does Panther simplify the customer experience on your platform, but also provides you with immersive and detailed performance reports on a consolidated dashboard.

Wondering where to start? Connect with us now and avail of your 14-day free trial with Panther. We would love to have you on board!

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