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4 questions you need to ask yourself before choosing the best team chat app

By Rashim Sethi 12th April 2019

In my experience, emails are not good for quick communication. To achieve top team efficiency, you need to provide tools to your team members for efficient communication. One of the tools that can bring instant benefits is a Team chat app.

Nowadays the demand for these team chat apps has been faster than ever before. For businesses either big or small, these apps work like fuel for growth. When it comes to choosing a perfect team chat app, there’s no dearth of available options in the market. This makes the lines even blurrier, and the choices even more difficult.

Each business has it’s own flow and use-cases. Here are a few questions that we want you to chalk down before choosing the best team chat app. These questions will help you define your collaboration goals, the type of app you want, and how this app would fit best in your business.

In this article, I will discuss what are the 4 questions you need to ask yourself before choosing the best team chat app:

#1 Do I need a team chat app or a powerful team collaboration tool?

You should be very clear with your expectations from a chat app. Do complete research that whether you need a team messaging app or a collaboration tool with all third-party tool integrations. For example, if you are a small business owner and have only 15-20 employees in your firm, Is a collaboration software with complex integrations actually needed? To understand what fits best, hold some informal discussions with your team and figure what they expect out of a team chat app.

#2 Why do I need a separate app for team messaging?

Before finding out which app you should buy and which not, it is advisable to analyze the reasons to have a separate chat app for office? Is it because you have to handle so many tools at one time- one for chatting, one for calling and other for project management? Or it is because your employees are wasting too much time on other social platforms Or is it because you don’t have all your important communications in one place? Dig deeper and find how a single app can solve all these problems instantly.

#3 Is my in-house software compatible with the outside team chat tool?

Buying a team chat app alone will not cut it. There are some integrations which need to be made between the app and your in-house software. Suppose you want to integrate your CRM with the chat app so that you can receive instant notifications regarding any activity in CRM. Make sure that they both are compatible with each other. These requirements may shoot your budget up. Find out what all integrations are required and select your team chat app accordingly.

#4 How much I want to spend on this tool?

The answers to the above two questions will give you a clear outline of the kind of collaboration tool you want to have. Once you are done sketching out these details, it’s high time to draw a budget for your team chat tool. Here is the aspect you need to consider.

Your Team Size

When you will have a look at pricing plans of different tools available, you will realize that a team chat app’s pricing plans are slotted on the basis of team size. It will make easy for you to decide which plan to choose. However, not all collaboration apps are pitched that way. Some have hidden charges or limitations on the plan. Be a little careful for such pitfalls and find the app that offers you maximum features at lower cost.

Let’s just assume that you have a small team, here’s what you can do- start with a free plan. As your teams grow and you get comfortable with the app, you can shift to a higher plan that supports all your needs.

Once you have answers to all your queries you can try out various options available in the market. Fugu is one such option. It is an all-purpose team chat app which is compatible with all the software and platforms. It starts with $1 per user per month when billed annually. It empowers communication, collaboration, and engagement all on one single platform. Try 30-day free trial today!

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