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Yelo empowers
diverse multi vendor marketplaces.

  • Multi Vendor Marketplace Software - Yelo
    Sell Goods

    Food|Grocery|Pharmacy|Catering|Laundry|and many more

  • Multi Vendor Marketplace Platform - Yelo
    Provide Services

    Home Services|Beauty|Appointments|Freelancers|and many more


A multi vendor marketplace provides a platform for multiple vendors to sell their products and services, and in the following discussion, we will explore its key features in more detail.

Find The Perfect Theme For Your Multi Vendor Marketplace

Want unique brand language and custom UI/UX for your marketplace? Worry no more, Yelo comes with an inbuilt Theme Engine

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Multi Vendor Marketplace Software - Yelo
Multi Vendor Marketplace Platform - Yelo

Integration Partners

Our multi vendor marketplace software offers global support with over 100 payment gateways, 50+ languages, and 500+ integrations for seamless integration into any business.

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Yelo comes up with a model that supports every business vertical

  • Multi Vendor Marketplace Software - Yelo
    Food Get the Best Food Ordering System with Food Pick up & Delivery Apps.
  • Multi Vendor Marketplace Platform - Yelo
    Laundry Help your customers remove the dirt with seamless ordering, pick up and delivery experience.
  • Multi Vendor Marketplace - Yelo
    Home Services Build a Platform to Connect Service Seekers with Service Providers in your locality.
  • Multi Vendor Marketplace Software - Yelo
    Grocery Provide customers the best Grocery app to pickup and deliver groceries to their door.
  • Multi Vendor Marketplace Platform - Yelo
    Pharmacy Get the best online pharmacy software with ordering and delivery apps
  • Multi Vendor Marketplace - Yelo
    Beauty Now provide your customers salon service at home with your own salon appointment booking software.
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