Best online ordering marketplace for every food business

Serve your customers at their convenience.

food ordering system

Standalone Restaurant

Allow your customers to order directly from your hyperlocal meat delivery website and app with multiple integrated payment portals.

food ordering system

On-demand Meat Delivery Marketplace

Create a seamless online meat delivery experience for your customers & boost your ROI from your on-demand meat delivery marketplace business.

food ordering system

Wholesale and Bulk Orders

Manage and maintain corporate or bulk orders with ease. Offer a customized solution for your wholesale business.

Make direct-to-consumer meat delivery simpler for your customers

Create your own on-demand meat ordering and delivery marketplace.

food ordering system

Online ordering

Give your customers the ability to search, filter, select, and order what they desire, online - On your website, effortlessly.


Language is never a barrier. Communicate with your customers in the language they prefer. Yelo can function in multiple languages as per your choices.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Give your customers the freedom to pay through wallets and cards securely. Integrate with the multiple payment gateways, keep your customers satisfied.

Unified dashboard for seamless order delivery management

Everything you need to manage your vendors, staff, and customers.

Efficient delivery management software

Don’t keep your customers waiting.

Why choose us?

Best Meat delivery Website & Mobile Apps Developers

Native Mobile Apps and Website

Native Mobile Apps & Website

Yelo allows you to boost your meat delivery business with a native online meat ordering app and website.

Delivery Management

Delivery Management Software

Manage all aspects of online meat delivery business from a single web or app dashboard.

Your Brand

Maintain your brand guidelines

Enjoy the advantages of building your own meat delivery marketplace. Customize your website and app with your brand logo, menu, and personalize your customer experience.

Marketing Campaigns

Marketing Campaigns

Drive more orders and improve customer loyalty by running promotional campaigns & discounted offers for a single dashboard.


Go live in no time

Cut down your expenses. Get a pre-built online meat delivery marketplace and go live within a day. No-coding needed.