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Yelo – Logistics – One stop solution to all your Logistics Aggregation requirements

By Divyansh Bhatnagar 26th July 2018

In the prevailing environment of high-end technology in the picture, everyone expects ‘ease of use’ and ‘swiftness’ in every operation of life. Life feels a bit more hassle when it comes to logistics and transportation. Yes, Logistic contributes as one of the major entities of our day to day operations and to make it way above easy, quick and compatible, we put forward our solution in the form of- ‘Yelo Logistics’- a shipment solution marketplace at your fingertips.

What is Yelo – Logistics

It is as simple as ABC. For the shipping of any consignment (with every specification on the product, shipment, vehicle type etc), Yelo-Logistics have defined three interfaces. The Admin, the Merchant, and the Customer.

For the Admin, we provide the complete marketplace setup of logistics operation and control. The admin is fully equipped and empowered to set up his online marketplace wherein Merchants and Customers are attracted to be a stakeholder.

For the Merchants, it caters to an established aggregated market of Logistics to which the merchant may wish to be a part of. The merchant can drive its business right into the established place and get a growth of leaps and bounds.

For the Customers, it acts as an open arena of options at a single place, floated by the aggregated merchants. The customers can select the best deal by auctioning the deal and getting the bids for each.

How does Yelo-Logistics work?

Yelo Logistics Marketplace is set up by an Admin which actually aims at aggregating the business in the sector of Logistics. The Admin aims at adding Merchants (people having their business in logistics service provision) and create a bunch of merchants offering their service. Now comes the most important entity, the customers. They now, can avail services lent by the merchants/admin (as a merchant), according to their exact requirement and at their comfort of having a lot of options and that too on their fingertips.

How to get an access to Yelo-Logistics?

Feeling convinced to be a part of such an extensive solution? Give it a try and you would be the next endorser to it.

For Admin (aggregator), Goto https://jungleworks.com/yelo/, create the Free SignUp and try creating some stuff around.

For the customers and Merchants, download the Yelo-logistics Application, available for Android and IOS both.

Overall, Yelo-Logistics acts as an overall solution to every problem of Logistics. You got a question, Yelo Logistics will answer it to the solution. This is a smart tool that can establish your business to the excellence of perfection and empower you to create more business and profits.

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