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Why did Dr. B Lal Labs choose Tookan as their weapon of choice?

By Nammitta Dutta 7th August 2019

Tookan is celebrating its fourth birthday and what could be better than celebrating it with our client’s success stories. This remarkable journey of 4 years and happy clients around the globe motivates us every morning to do better and live up to their expectations.

Dr. B. Lal Labs, one of the most trusted name since 28 years in diagnostic center and pathology has been using Tookan to track their agents out in the field for sample collection. Tookan helped the company in overcoming their day to day challenges, like real-time tracking of field service agents, scheduling, the traditional paper trail work, auto-allocation of daily jobs. Tookan allows you to take care of all your business challenges in one go with ease.

In a quick conversation about Tookan and their experience with the managing team of Dr. B. Lal Labs gave yet another reason for a celebration.

Managing team at Dr. B. Lal Labs quotes “ Auto allocation of Tasks and Geo-Fencing are our savior, and we love them the most in Tookan. They reduce our work hours by automating daily operations and help us do efficient sample collection by setting geofences for every agent”

Talking about challenges they were facing and how did Tookan help, one of the team members said, “ There was a lot of hassle in maintaining a daily record of tasks and ensuring the agent’s punctuality in the field for sample collection. With Tookan we can track our sample collection agents in real-time and update our valuable customer about the agents’ whereabouts. Today we have better customer satisfaction rate and it’s all because of Tookan’s efficient Tracking”.

There’s no doubt that Tookan is one of the best delivery management software yet, we pledge to improve our services every day to provide better features and support to our clients.

On asking what motivates Dr. B. Lal Labs to use Tookan for their business, they said: “Tookan’s amazing, prompt, proactive team, easy to use and cutting edge pricing makes us love Tookan even more”.  

Standing at 4 years today, when our most valuable clients are so happy and satisfied with the service boosts our confidence beyond bars. We appreciate and thank all our customers for being a part of this journey and letting us be a part of yours. 

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