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Vertical SaaS in the era of niche marketing

By Rajat Kumar 13th September 2021

The growing SaaS sector comes with its own set of risks and benefits. Business models are rapidly expanding, and these changes are reflecting on bigger priorities. As a result, SaaS’s dynamic nature has taken two paths: vertical SaaS and horizontal SaaS.

But, in terms of software solutions, what is the difference and how do each of these wings work? According to a recent press release, the SaaS industry is predicted to grow to almost $60 billion by 2023.

This category of SaaS products includes solutions that completely engulf and fill the needs of a specific industry. For example, food, pharmaceuticals, grocery, life sciences, etc.

Consumers usually prefer to buy from sellers who provide a specialized assortment of products and services. Commerce platform buyers shouldn’t expect anything less from their software vendors.

The vertical SaaS commerce solution is the amalgamation of core commerce competencies and industry-specific enhancements, leaving enough flexibility to build in the unique practices that make a business distinct and successful.

The true power of a vertical SaaS commerce comes from the fact that all of the commerce components have been trained, trimmed, and fashioned for a specific industry vertical – with all of the best practices built-in, such as guided selling, self-service options, specialized pricing, specialized bundling, and subscription billing, for example.

In the article

The business benefits of vertical SaaS

Over the previous decade, vertical SaaS software packages have grown in popularity and will continue to do so. Vertical SaaS holds a lot of promise for businesses of all sizes, especially as they grow more digitally savvy towards no-code and move away from on-premises, in-house IT and toward cloud-based IT.

  • Minimal deployment time

Customers receive their renters quickly, but commerce, like other SaaS goods, would come pre-installed and ready to use straight immediately. The benefit for a specific area is that molding or last-mile adjustments can begin much sooner. It enables worry-free infrastructure management while also cutting IT costs.

  • Scalability

The infrastructure of a vertical SaaS solution auto-scales to manage up-and-down cycles without wasting valuable resources on tracking, monitoring, and maintenance. It also means getting frequent, automated software updates with seamless advancements, enabling continuous, quick innovation.

  • Integration

From the beginning, vertical SaaS commerce would provide strong, tight, and native preset integrations with other goods. Consider how ERP, billing, governance systems, payment providers, and marketing could be integrated with some of the industry’s most vital commodities.

  • Benchmarking

Commerce entails a range of industry-specific regulatory and legal duties that can be addressed through strong governance systems. An industry-specific commerce solution provider can take on the burden of staying on top of these complex and frequently changing rules.

  • Governance and compliance

Commerce includes a number of industry-specific regulatory and legal obligations that effective governance procedures can address. An industry-specific commerce solution provider can take on the responsibility of staying on top of these constantly changing and complex regulations.

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The demand for specialized solutions will grow as the imperative for digital transformation spreads to additional industries and commerce solutions become more of a mainstay and key source of revenue creation for businesses. Consumer products retail is the current focus, and there are already a number of tailored solutions on the market.

But, perhaps, at some time, vendors will pay attention to customer demand, recognize the income and customer loyalty opportunities, and jump in. When the road forks, vertical commerce (SaaS) will be the clear one to choose.

The best SaaS platform solution for food ordering and delivery marketplace

If you’re a fledgling entrepreneur with some fantastic ideas and concepts and want to create a food ordering and delivery app, Yelo can be your best solution.

Yelo is a pre-managed hyperlocal marketplace development platform that gives you access to ready-to-use elements for creating your food delivery app or website.

In technical terms, Yelo, a SaaS system allows users to create a food ordering and delivery app without writing even a single line of code, designing, and testing. 

The reasons why you should use Yelo to build a marketplace or take your food business online are manifold. For Instance –

  • Build without Coding
  • Proficient management abilities
  • Single-day launch
  • Extensive features and functions
  • Integrations
  • Design your marketplace
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Marketing and SEO
  • Help and Support

Yelo comes with the most diversified features in the category and unlike our competitors, it has no hidden charges with the best pricing plans. We provide all the functionality of a SaaS commerce solution, including:

  • Covers niche markets that offer higher chances of lead conversion (Companies often have higher customer retention due to the level of niche expertise they offer)
  • Companies enjoy a lower customer acquisition cost and limited marketing spend
  • Is compliant with industry-specific standards and requirements
  • Product content management capabilities
  • A powerful, fast search engine supporting flexible navigation
  • Well-integrated web content management capabilities with omnichannel support
  • Streamlined cart and checkout capabilities and order management
  • Promotion, bundling, pricing
  • API extensibility features that support headless commerce scenarios
  • Real-time Analytics
  • Social logins

And many more….

Now go ahead and set up your online food business with Yelo and be a successful entrepreneur.

Don’t just wait and admire, start your business with our 14 days free trial now!

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