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Why Do You Need Marketing Automation For Your Business?

By Tanvir Singh 16th February 2021

Marketing automation implies to intensively market on a diverse channel online, thereby robotising sequential works with the software program and technologies schemed for marketing divisions & firms. This automation reduces human tensity that is usually involved in the workforce.

What is Marketing Automation Solution & What it Does?

Marketing automation is the methodology that automates the entire marketing process & versatile campaigns across various streams. Using it will help enterprises reach out to customers with automated messages, personalised offers, etc. Marketing automation aids you to 

  • Target leads to sales.
  • Deliver huge leads to marketing channels.
  • Revamp your marketing exhaust.
  • Upgrade your marketing performance.
  • Boost earnings.

It is found that nearly 80% of marketing automation users saw good raises in leads. Also, around 77% of marketing automation users look at the enhancement on the conversion rates. 

How Marketing Automation Works?

  • It starts with assigning a unique identifying trailing cookie to a prospect on visiting the website.
  • Concealed visitors take action on your website.
  • The marketing movements are well tracked and documented.
  • The visitor goes through various elements leaving a cookie trail and sometimes also shares their credentials.
  • The sightseer’s past tracking activity is then consigned to their new lead subsequently.
  • Finally, a qualified lead is approached to convert into a customer.

Components of Marketing Automation

Marketing automation has lots of beneficial characteristics, which permits marketers to furnish results that examine ROI. Let’s go through its different components to give you a better idea of what is marketing automation solution:

  •  Behavioural Tracking: A marketing automation tool helps you make better decisions by giving user behaviour insights. From broader information, such as a number of clicks to the finest of details like page time and topic preference, you can get it all using an efficient marketing automation tool.
  • Simple Interface: It’s imperative that you, the owner, can visualise marketing funnels while creating them. You would also want to be able to manage the various elements of the platform with ease rather than trying to figure out what goes where. With graphic workflows and simple interfaces, marketing automation tools make the job easier for you.
  • CRM Integration: Marketing automation tools are not just about lead generation but about upselling and customer retention as well. In this bid, you’d want to import valuable customer data from your existing CRM platform. Needless to say, CRM integration is necessary for smoother operations.
  • Email Marketing: This is perhaps the most sought-after feature of the tool. Some people even end up explaining this when asked what is marketing automation solution. Better tools come with advanced email marketing solutions such as split testing.
  • Lead Generation: Lead generation or collection is often the primary objective of owners using marketing automation tools. You can use various ways to collect and generate leads such as landing pages, gated content, email blasts, quiz, pop-ups and whatnot. The automation tool would simply help you collect, organise, and put that information to good use.
  • Lead Management/Nurturing: Once you get the lead, you would want to make sure it is converted as well. Based on your marketing strategy, you are going to have those leads go through different funnels and nurture them until they are ready for conversion. 
  • User On-boarding: Converting the lead is often just the first threshold you cross. The next challenge is to smoothly get the user onboard and give them ample reasons to stay, especially if you have a subscription-based model. An automation tool would facilitate user onboarding by taking them through all the carefully curated modules and communications planned by you.
  • Customer Retention: You also need to keep the old customers interested and do your best to reduce the percentage of those leaving. You can easily set up automatic offers, messages, and other perks for all the people using your services. Taking care of an existing client base can be challenging if it were not for efficient marketing automation tools.
  • Social Media Marketing: Social sites can be boon as well as bane for marketing executives based on how they manage them. An excellent marketing automation tool will simplify the social media maze for you and help you implement your strategies better across the different channels.
  • Analytics/Performance Monitoring: As much as you want to trust your intuition, numbers can be hard to beat. You don’t want yourself or your executives making decisions based on the gut-feeling. An automation tool provided you validated metrics to better gauge the performance and success of various campaigns.

Creation of Marketing Automation Workflows

A marketing automation flow is designed to facilitate the prospect’s journey down the funnel without having you to go through manual processes of sending out emails and offers. To start with, you should figure out the insights in the workflow. 

For instance, when a prospect enters your page for some valuable resource offered by you, it can be one of the ideal ways to have them join the workflow. You can then further submit suitable content and nurture the lead and take them down the sales funnel. 

Bumbl, with all its advanced features, can help you create an efficient automated workflow in no time.

By forming a visual representation of the workflow and integrating the relevant marketing tools wherever necessary, an efficient marketing automation tool takes much off of your plate. You can further set KPIs to qualify leads through the funnel and ensure that your resources are spent on the conversion of only the truly valuable prospects. In essence, a well-designed automated workflow also filters the leads and directs them to a suitable funnel.

The Omni Channel marketing automation tool, offered by platforms, is specifically designed to help you bind the advantages offered by various digital marketing channels such as social sites, newsletters, blogs, and more. It boosts user engagement and automates the marketing and sales activities along with lead generation. Thus, driving huge revenue and are perfect for marketers & business owners. 

Ideal Marketing Automation Features

  • Contoured Lead Management

Enhance engagement & sell fast by collecting the correct customer details at the desired time.

  • Smarter Lead Generation

Maintain your channelling efforts profitable with a stable ooze of high-grade leads.

  • Trouble-Free Email Marketing

Get established delightful email campaigns that deliver value and strengthen your relationship with customers.

  • Persistent Sales Configuration

With marketing & sales in sync, your bottom line grows over time.

  • Perceptive ROI Reporting

Have a clear idea of strategies that work and the ones that don’t.

  • Artificial Intelligence

Leverage the potency of AI in revolutionising the marketing & sales activities.

Are you prepared well to look at how marketing automation can assist you in growing at high speeds? Then seek a customised demo today!

Remember, customer participation begins with custom-designed occasions. Append hospitality to your communications using our Omnichannel tool. Construct everlasting relationships using tailored messaging & smart automation- throughout the grooves to which your customer gives priority.

What is Marketing Automation Solutions’ impact on your business?

Now that you know what is marketing automation solution, let’s now go through its business benefits.

  • Automated operations save time and resources
    Automation is not just a relief from manual processes but also frees up your workforce and resources to focus on other tasks involving complex business logic. Think of all the different ways you can utilise those available resources to grow your business.
  • Better decisions supported by metrics

You don’t want to be guessing when there’s a lot at stake. A marketing automation tool would help you make better decisions at all the stages. It would give you detailed reports, performance metrics, and even better data visualisation to improve your decision-making capabilities.

  • More flexibility with easier testing and multi-campaign support
    Most importantly, a marketing automation tool gives you the freedom to test out the various plans you come up with. You can always run a quick pilot program or leverage split testing to see if your strategy is actually able to generate some positive numbers. Without the tool, the collateral damage can always be too much.

Tools for Marketing Automation

Want to make your marketing efforts a lot more streamlined and efficient while having fewer processes to take care of at the same time? Check out Bumbl and leverage its advanced automation features to enhance engagement. It comes with tools such as:

  • Email automation- Use data drive email marketing to reach your prospect’s inbox and deliver value to them.
  • Web notification– Stay relevant to your leads and customers with powerful push notifications across platforms, devices, and browsers.
  • Segmentation- Don’t put all your clients in one basket. With meaningful segmentation based on metrics and behaviour, Bumbl adds potency to your marketing campaigns.
  • SMS marketing– Don’t rely just on the web to reach out to your customers. We give you advanced SMS marketing capabilities to connect with prospects even when they are offline.
  • Engagement- Don’t leave a channel unturned and bring leads from as many mediums as possible. Our engagement tool helps you act on an omnichannel marketing strategy with all its advanced features. 


From easy-to-setup visual workflows to efficient cross-channel campaigns, Bumbl lets you do it all. You can even take your services a notch higher with superb personalisation capabilities offered by the tool. Go ahead and book a demo now to experience the best of marketing automation.

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