Automate your marketing strategies and get closer to your customers!

Create an omni-channel presence by setting up various marketing campaigns to engage with your prospects with the help of Bumbl!

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Enhance your marketing ideas and generate,
nurture and boost lead generation

Focus on revenue growth by using visual flowchart to create campaign journeys.
Mapping the user journey is now made as easy as drawing with a pen & paper

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Observe and strategize campaigns as per customer segmentation

Maximize your ROI by building a personalized customer experience as per segments, with the right communication strategy observing the demographics, customer behaviour, and more.

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Target. Communicate. Nurture. Convert. Re-target.

Automate ROI-driven marketing strategies across all communication
channels and build rich conversational experiences.

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  • Push

  • Web push

  • SMS

  • Email

Automate Marketing Campaigns. Deliver Results.

Communicate with your customers at the right time at the right place

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