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Tracking SDKs Now Available on Tookan

By Team Tookan 13th January 2017

Real-Time Tracking Integration for existing customer apps!

We at Tookan believe in minimizing your time and effort spent in managing logistical and operational tasks, which can be otherwise mitigated with technological aid. Only when an entrepreneur is freed from the need to micro-manage each and every detail, can a business truly blossom! Most of our effort is directed towards this pursuit, by innovating and developing increasingly adaptive solutions.

Most recently, we directed our energy to provide the real-time tracking ability to customers – a feature that has raised customer expectations to a new high. Consequently, we have launched tracking SDKs for customers to avail the real-time tracking ability through any native applications!

Admittedly, our inspiration came from the manner in which Uber first entered the sharing economy with mobile applications to solve the ride-sharing use case. They changed the perspective of customers by giving them real-time visibility into fare calculation, route direction, ETA’s, etc.


As was perhaps inevitable, real-time tracking was then imbibed into multiple businesses, starting with the most obvious – food delivery, wherein you could live to track your order once dispatched from restaurants. It then found its way to many logistics businesses, wherein commodities/goods worth millions are transported on a day-to-day basis.

The Real-Time tracking feature branches out into countless possible uses and benefits for customers, depending upon the nature of the service. For instance, using this feature in the logistics industry, Customers can prepare the loading/unloading of goods well in advance.

Alternatively, a very pertinent application of the feature may be seen in medical transportation, where patients can be kept in the loop as to the exact location and ETA of an ambulance – this can be the difference between life and death!


Or consider the case of employing Handymen to repair broken pipes, air conditioners, microwaves, etc. Here, time plays a very important role, as your presence is necessary while the services are underway. Thus, if the customer has a prior notification about the location and ETA of a handyman, he/she can plan his schedule accordingly.

The Real-Time Tracking feature enables a customer to view a service provider’s location accurately, thereby paving the way for convenient planning. This is especially important in, and is, in fact, a veritable key to success for, a lot of start-ups in the on-demand industry.

How does a customer use the Real-Time Tracking feature?

Upon receiving several requests from multiple entrepreneurs for this enhancement, we were determined to launch this feature for extensive use for any business.

After working on it for a while, we have released the SDKs for any developer to integrate the feature’s ability into any existing customer side native applications (iOS and Android).

Essentially, it works on a plug and plays model, wherein you can either have an in-house developer execute the integration or have one of our techies do it for you.

The idea behind real-time tracking is to keep pace with time and provide basic visibility to the end customer. This feature has become a standard in the industry now, and most customers have come to expect it from all on-demand businesses.

Our team at Tookan continually strives for improvement and innovation. At the same time, we believe that the best way to do that is to stay constantly engaged with those who use our services every day. Thus, most of our developments are achieved based on the feedback we receive from our clients.

If you have any suggestions to improve this feature, do comment and we shall definitely look into it!

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