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Top Trends in Workforce Management You Need to Follow in 2021

By Aastha Malhotra 18th February 2021

As companies spectated a complete shift in the way they function, so did their workforce. Managing your human resource needs strategic involvement just like you do for your business decisions. The workforce ecosystem has evolved in the last year, making updated management protocols a need in today’s time; working with outdated frameworks just doesn’t cut it. The now digitized manpower has rendered the need for a mobile workforce management software essential.

To ensure your employees are happy and productive, you need to acquaint yourself with the latest workforce management trends. Working along with these trends becomes more imperative when handling a mobile workforce, which has now become a norm as we enter 2021. 

In this blog, we will be looking at the top trends to look out for in workforce management in 2021 to optimize your manpower. Let’s dig in!

Workforce Management

1. The gig economy boom has changed the employment landscape

What is a gig economy after all? This new buzzword has been the talk of the town with more businesses choosing to work under it every passing day. A gig economy works on freelancers. With businesses needing specific skills for specific timelines, professionals are choosing contract work and freelancing over a typical time-bound job. 

Businesses will need to factor in the changing employment trends to make the best out of the available workforce.

2. Traditional working hours are part of history

The classic 9 to 5 work shift is slowly becoming more redundant as people are responding to work requirements outside of the conventional window. Employees now attend to their work commitments past the set working hours – whether it’s during their commute or their break.

With millennials and younger people upping the national workforce, they are demanding flexibility with improved work-life equilibrium. A 2019 report shows that more than half of the surveyed companies reported their remote workers as more productive than their in-house employees. 

Likewise, your mobile workforce will be productive when they get to work at their discretion. For your business to thrive in the on-demand economy, you need to track the “actual hours worked” rather than just the limit set by your organization. 

A mobile workforce management software like Tookan can help you keep track of your employees’ productive minutes!

3. Employees prefer self-service platforms

Another flexibility enabler, self-service portals help employees plan and manage their work schedules seamlessly. Instead of clocking in and out of work every day at a specified time, which offers much rigidness, workers are looking for means to handle their work calendars as per their convenience.

Such self-service platforms let workers choose open shifts, control their availability, apply for leaves and benefits, and more with a few taps on their mobile application. This functionality not only benefits employees but helps their supervisors plan their time more strategically.

4. Encourage transparency with attendance tracking

While offering flexibility to workers is important, the need for accurate time tracking should not be overlooked. Every company has policies on work hours and allotted breaks and should be unambiguous for all employees.

To tackle attendance and time policies, you can choose to switch over to a mobile workforce management solution that can aid in dispelling miscommunication and fill in any inconsistencies.

Workforce Management

5. Time to leverage deep insights and analytics

With AI as an emerging technology applied in various domains, workforce managers can harness it to gain intuitive insights through comprehensive analytics. A mobile workforce management system can help you make data-driven decisions. From real-time tracking updates to the time taken to complete tasks, these insights can help you identify productivity gaps. 

Smart data analysis of your employees’ work schedules can help you streamline their performance. Intelligent analytics can process considerable amounts of data collected throughout the employee’s course of action to come up with actionable insights for improvement.

6. Smart scheduling for optimal manpower utilization

Your workforce consists of people with different competencies and skillsets. With every employee having unique capabilities, they are best suited to perform a certain task. How well do you determine that? Organizations can leverage AI once again to delegate tasks to employees who can work them the best. By differentiating between employee aptitudes and expertise, your business can increase productivity by manifolds. 

Scheduling isn’t just limited to allotting the right tasks to the right people but also finding out if you’re under or overstaffed. An AI-powered mobile workforce scheduling software can help you reduce overall costs and resources spent on manually managing delegated work.

7. Data integration on a unified platform will play in your favor

Data silos are an operational nightmare for every business. Whether it’s the delay of knowledge transfer or just an informational inconsistency, data silos can gravely affect your business workings. To stay ahead of your competition with an unclogged workflow, you need to focus on bringing all data to one unified portal.

With the majority of businesses shifting online in 2021, staying updated and connected in real-time across various divisions and stakeholders is important. A single integrated platform for your employees and vendors to access data makes processes open to modifications without a major impact.

Why is Tookan the only mobile workforce management solution you need for your business?

It can be onerous to handle a mobile workforce from one place, but with a workforce management software like Tookan, you can automate and supervise every step in real-time! Tookan is integrated with powerful features that can make managing your remote employees hassle-free! Here’s what you get out of Tookan:

Scheduling: Optimize your man-hours by smart job scheduling to the right people. Find out the underlying gaps and discrepancies to enhance productivity.

Real-time tracking: Know exactly where your workers are during business hours! With a GPS-enabled attendance system, you can track your workforce in real-time on your dashboard.

Integrations: Tookan is a one-man-army! Get rid of data inconsistencies and stay connected with your workforce at all times.

Administrative control: Tookan ensures everything is right before your eyes. You can manage and supervise your mobile workforce from a single point.

Reporting and smart analytics: Get perceptive insights on how well your management decisions are affecting your workforce output. Make strategic data-centered decisions with sharp analysis and visual reports.

Performance management: Worried how well your workforce is doing at their job? You can track your employees’ productivity with different KPIs and optimize them accordingly.

To get a real hands-on experience with how Tookan can be a game changer in managing your mobile workforce, avail of your free 14-day trial here. Reimagine mobile workforce management with Tookan today!

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