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Top 16 features for an on-demand grocery app

By Aurobind Singh 7th September 2021

On-Demand Grocery app is trending these days. Pandemic has forced many traditional businesses to close down, also pushing the business online in order to overcome the depression. Grocery businesses are taking advantage of changing consumer behavior by taking their grocery stores online using white-label applications. Businesses have changed their mode from “wait for the pandemic to get over” to “live with the pandemic” mode. This rise in on-demand apps has made grocery shopping online a hot trend. In order to create the best shopping experience for your customers, your grocery app should have features such as promo codes, easy navigation of catalog and vendors, customer wallet for cashback, etc.

Broadly, all the features of an on-demand grocery app can be divided into 4 categories:

Order Management Features for on-demand grocery app

Online Payment: Consumers have been adopting online payment as a safer mode of payment with the advent of pandemics and also find it more convenient. 

Which makes having an online payment option on your grocery app of utmost importance.

payment gateways in yelo

( Payment Gateways )

Yelo boasts 100+ payment gateways available so you can choose any payment gateway according to your convenience.

Business Categories: Business categories help customers filter out the vendors based on different themes which makes choosing a vendor easier for the consumer. Thus, providing your customers with a better customer experience.

Business Categories for yelo

Yelo helps you solve the problem of differentiating merchants based on themes using business categories and helps customers reduce their buying time.

Omnichannel Login: Omnichannel login means enabling login or registration from using multiple social channels, emails, mobile numbers, etc. You might be investing heavily in marketing to drive traffic to download your app. But in order to activate the user after downloading the application, you need them to register on your application. Omnichannel login helps you with easy registration. Thus, increases customer enablement.

Omnichannel Login for yelo

Yelo provides you with multiple social logins ( Google, Facebook ), mobile OTPs, and email registrations.

Wallet: All on-demand apps have wallets. Your app needs it in order to encourage customers to reorder. The wallet is necessary for you to give your customers cashback and also to manage refunds for order cancellation.

Yelo provides you with a customer wallet to manage your cashback, loyalty points, and refunds. Having the points stored in customer wallets encourages them to order from the app rather than going to another store or vendor. Thus, encourages customers retention.

Delivery Management features for on-demand grocery app

Delivery Management features for on-demand grocery app

Agent Allocation: Smart delivery agent allocation is very important in order to deliver the products to your customers efficiently

Tookan solves this problem by using smart auto-allocation algorithms which help you to manage deliveries easily. 

Route-Optimization: We are living in the world of speedy 15 min deliveries. It is very important to provide the best customer shopping experience to attract and retain customers. Speedy deliveries play a very important role.

Tookan’s route optimization helps you solve the problem of speedy and efficient deliveries. It helps you optimize your deliveries on the basis of time or distance. Thus, enabling customer satisfaction.


Know how Yelo can add value to your Business


Marketing Features

SEO: Seo or Search engine optimization helps you rank on the top Google search engine results page. Which in turn helps you get more traffic and brand awareness for free. 

Yelo helps you with the same by providing you with an easy SEO setup process.

Promo Codes: Promo codes help you increase customer lifetime value and cart value. Promo codes trigger consumer behavior to buy more in order to get more discounts and better offers.

Yelo enables you to create various types of personalized promo codes using which curate attractive offers and run campaigns to increase your revenue.

Referral Programs: The easiest way to gain customers without doing any marketing is word of mouth. Even in this day and age, people value opinion more than anything. Once your customers start referring your brand to others it becomes very easy to grow.

Yelo helps you by providing you with referral programs that encourage customers to refer your app to similar people in their circle. Thus, enabling customers growth and word-of-mouth marketing.

Loyalty program: Loyalty programs are a great way of customer retention. It is found that brands that have loyalty programs tend to retain customers and also increase their customer lifetime value.

Yelo helps you create a customized loyalty program that encourages customers retention.

Admin and Vendor features for on-demand grocery app

Admin and Vendor features for on-demand grocery app

Vendor App/Panels: Yelo provides independent vendor panels and apps using which vendors can upload their catalog and manage their inventory, they also get the option to add discounts on their products.

Admin Panel: Admin gets their own panel using which they can manage their entire ecosystem with simple clicks from a single space. Using the admin panel, you can manage anything from creating promo codes to managing themes and the layout of your applications.

Access Control: As your business grows, you’ll need more resources to manage different aspects of your business. Rather than giving your admin credentials to everyone in your company we have simplified the process by giving you an option of adding manager roles with limited access which you decide. Thus, your data stays protected and in safe hands.

Real-Time Analytics: Data if used correctly can be the turning point for your business. Yelo provides you with intelligent insights about your customers such as the ratio of transacting customers, most used promo codes to determine which offer is working for you, most sold products, and so on. If used intelligently these insights can be your breakthrough to growth.

Geo-Fencing:  Geofencing allows you to serve in specific areas. Sometimes there are areas that are not generating any profit. You can exclude those areas to increase your profits and decrease your losses.

Automated Taxes and Commissions: You can predefine your taxes and commission. These will be calculated while checkout. You have an option to calculate taxes at the product level. You also get an option to calculate tier-wise and merchant-level commissions.

Here’s a cumulative list of all the features you should have in your on-demand grocery app.

Customer AppWallet
omnichannel login
promo codes
online payment
Merchant App
Catalog Management
Inventory Management
Admin Panel
Design Themes
Custom Checkout
Vendor Management
Customer Management
Access Control
Automated Taxes
Automated Commissions
Marketplace Settings
Delivery Management
Route Optimization
Automatic Driver Allocation

Want to try out these features by yourself? 

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