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Top 10 Service Based Business Ideas to Begin from Home

By Deepak Digwal 23rd July 2020

There are millions who want to be their own boss; with today’s high-speed internet, delivery management system, and people’s changing ideas about work has made working from home a reality. In this dormant phase of COVID-19 pandemic, you might be scratching your head looking for ideas to make money. And, not just in COVID-19, these business ideas are all-season flowers and the cherry on top you can use route optimization software or delivery software to manage your deliveries and related stuff. 

Here are some service business ideas to begin from home:

1. Home Bakery 

Home baking is something that most of us have done but, for the ones who are actually good at this can get a chance to see cash pies rising in the oven as customers ring up to them. If you have been doing this for your family, then probably you have the required equipment and expertise, all you need Is to get started. 

Make an online presence of your bakery and let them know what all treats you have for them. Tell them you do deliveries they need not worry. Use a delivery management software and route optimization software like Tookan to arrange deliveries, manage client alerts with real-time tracking of the order. 

2. Craft Creation 

Making and selling art & craft items are already a known thing in the market. That means there is a lot of competition. The fact that there is always less when people go shopping can actually help you out here. Items like gift boxes, handmade frames, bouquets, cash platters for weddings, and various other handmade stuff. You can actually earn quite a good amount from this. 

3. Tiffin Service

You can start distributing meals to office employees or in residential areas. It’s a lot of work but if you like cooking, it could turn into a fulfilling business. If you are delivering the stuff then for sure it requires a fast delivery system. To keep a track of this strong delivery network you should use the best delivery management software, to name one ‘Tookan’.

4. Clothing and Accessory 

If you have good fashion sense, then why not turn it into a lucrative career.  Purchase from a wholesale vendor and sell it through your social media handle. You just need to have an appealing profile on social media. Show them what all services you provide, is cash on delivery available, where do you deliver specifically. 

5. Grocery Delivery 

In this pandemic, people prefer to stay home and buy most of the things online. Clothes being the basic necessity is required everywhere and every time. You can collaborate with clothes vendors and start delivering them to the customers. Use the online apparel marketplace to manage your orders and assign tasks for delivery with the best route optimization software. 

6. Door-step Medicine

If you are well aware of medicines then without any thought just enter into it. If you already have a shop then that’s a plus point, you just have to take orders and deliver them to the address with delivery routing software online. But if you own a space roadside then you have to make contacts with pharmacists and while staying home you can deliver orders using route optimization software. 

7. Online Book Store

You can create a virtual book shop; supply novels, magazines, study material, etc. A corner of your house would be fine to keep your stock or if you wish you can directly contact a store and be a mediator for the delivery management system. 

8. Educational Projects

If you were good at making school projects and college assignments then why not earn a little bit from your skill. Even if you are still pursuing your studies you can still do this as a part-time thing. Ask people what they need, use your creativity, and get them grades; their grades fetch you money after all. 

9. Pet Food 

This can be a purely delivery service; contacting vendors, collaborating with them, sending treats to the animals. If you see you are actually about to make a food delivery app for animals! They will be like, why should humans have all the fun. 

10. Dry Cleaners

It can be good locally operated business. Fetching dirty clothes and sending off the ironed ones. Some manpower and delivery system, that’s all it requires. 

All the above-mentioned business ideas require an active delivery presence. Tookan can surely do the needful. It provides end-to-end route optimization software, automated dispatch, real-time tracking. Assigning tasks, analyzing data, and reports to improve performance of drivers and fleets. This name is trusted by over 24k businesses around the world. 

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