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How to start an online Fish Delivery business?

By Shivika Adlakha 22nd December 2020
online fish delivery

Gone are the days when fishes were needed to swim only in water, butter, and wine to please fish lovers. Now how well are fishes transmitted via online media would go a long way in making fish lovers happy! Online fish delivery service is a thing now!

Seafood market trends

The global seafood market has recently picked up momentum and is exhibiting promising growth. Statistically speaking, the global market in this domain is anticipated to go as high as 206 US$ billion by FY 2026. The market stood around 150 US$ in FY 2018 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.3% from 2018-2026. The Indian fish market stands at an approx. value of 1233 Billion in 2019.  This market has been witnessing sustainable growth and the major reason fueling the prosperous growth is that people are welcoming processed food all around the world. Per capita consumption of fish has gathered more and more steam over the recent periods. Fishes are even preferred for the nutritious values they hold. They are a rich source of certain essential digestible proteins, minerals and vitamins, and even omega-3 fatty acids. Fishes are also famous for their cholesterol-lowering capabilities. The emergent trend in favor of healthy food choices has also aggravated the growth of seafood. The technical touch of e-commerce has also added new dynamics to the world of seafood.  IQF technology has aided the growth of e-tailing in the fish business. Growing preference has been witnessed for convenient online fish delivery services. In fact, due to the advent of Covid-19, there were restrictions on access to brick and mortar and mom and pop stores which has in turn aided e-tailers business for even items like meat, sea-food, etc.

Characteristics of fish market segmentation

online fish delivery

The market for fish gets segmented on various bases. For instance, the market can be segmented basis different states. The market can also be divided into various sections depending on the type of fishes like marine fishes, inland fishes, scampi, and shrimps. Although the inland fishes enjoy the biggest share. On the basis of end customers, the market gets segmented into retail and institutional sectors. The market can also be divided into unorganized and organized sectors depending on the type of distribution channel. The product type also holds some influence in segmenting the market. The market can be segmented into fresh fish, canned, frozen, and other basic product types.

Pros of online fish marketing

  1. Economical: Conventional methods entail more cost as compared to online medium of advertising and selling. Owning websites, social media accounts and applications prove to be less costly as compared to offline advertising media or retail stores
  2. Increased exposure: With physical stores, your reach is confined. Options to expand are also limited. But online place gives you the option of expanding your reach beyond limits. Depending on your skills, resources and needs, you can even make your business go global transcending all boundaries
  3. Good customer relationships: Online marketplace ensures more information exchange and ensures a transparent mechanism too. This helps in instilling customer trust and even go a long way in building long term relationships with prospective buyers and existing customers. More information also bolsters the probability of sales. Positive feedback from your existing customers will further strengthen your credibility in the minds of your customers.
  4. Personalized attention: Online presence not only helps you in undertaking mass communication but also helps you in undertaking personalized one to one communication via mails, messages etc. Additionally, analytics and tech can be married to each other in order to send personalized relevant information to your customers
  5. Online advertising: Online advertising offers you a really extensive platform to advertise. Not only it blessed you with multiple ways to advertise, way more than what conventional measures do. But they also help you in showcasing your expertise and make your customers trust you even more. Online advertising can translate into quick sales and enhanced profits

Steps for selling fish online

online fish delivery
  1. First of all, determine what all will you be selling. Even in fishes, there are myriads of verities that you can sell. You need to undertake a proper research and boil down to viable options that you would be able to sell. So, crafting a menu showcasing what you will be selling is essential. The process of crafting this should be a well thought of decision and undertaken basis resources available, skills, demand patterns etc.
  2. Make sure you have a proper process for packing your products and also ensure proper storage. Given the perishable nature of fishes, it becomes imperative to handle your product nicely so that the real essence gets delivered to your customers and your products don’t lose identity when they reach your customers.
  3. According to your convenience, choose the platform where you would sell. Whether you would tie up with big stores or come up with your exclusive apps and websites, that’s a call for you to take
  4. Do the promotion right. Though online world makes you meet infinite opportunities in the real-world space, but it cannot be ignored that fish selling business is risky because these items are perishable. Hence it makes sense to target customers in your vicinity. Social media can help you enhance your presence for this marketing technique. Fb google etc provides you with a lot of tools and techniques to garner more information about your local clientele. Social media can be leveraged to create a powerful image of yours in the eyes of customers. Also, ensure that your plan in prior for other promotional incentives to be given like discounts, enticing deals etc
  5. The distribution would also entail a lot of shipping costs. Make sure you economize those costs and your prices sufficiently cover the same.

Recent developments in fish e-tailing

A lot of start-ups, applications, and government initiatives have come into existence to aid the doorstep delivery service of fish. For instance, Smartfish is the application of the government of West Bengal which is essential an e-retail store for groceries, seafood, and meat. Delybazar is also an application that came up for the dedicated delivery of fresh fish, un-preserved, and unprocessed seafood. Some other famous names in the fish e-tailing business are licious.in, fleshkart.com, thefreshfishmarket.in etc. Similarly, you can find a lot of dedicated apps and websites catering to people who prefer buying their groceries and seafood online

Concerns in online fish delivery

  1. Fishes are a perishable commodity
  2. Customers are wary of chemicals and preservatives. Decide an optimal trade off between preserving too much and preserving too less
  3. Pricing should be regularly updated. Overpriced commodities can make your customers lose interest
  4. Websites or web pages should not only be optimized to make it easy for customers to browse through, but they should be updated regularly as well

What should you consider?

With the advent of health-conscious trends, demand for seafood has picked up momentum. The enticing features of this business make it look promising. A right decision in terms of the marketing mix and you can tap a lot of potential available in this market and translate your efforts into lucrative profits.

If you are thinking of getting into this business and selling fish online, then Yelo can be your ultimate solution! Yelo can help you create an online marketplace. With the aid of its all-encompassing range of features, Yelo can help you cater to your wide and varied customers in the easiest and most efficient manner possible.

Start your own online fish delivery business and cater to the hunger of your customer with exotic delicacies!

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