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Tookan’s integration with Deal POS

By Aryaan Sarover 19th July 2022

We’re glad to announce that Tookan has now integrated with Deal POS!

Deal POS is a web based point-of-sale solution for small and medium retail businesses that automates inventory control, credit sales, employee shifts, and commission processes.

Tookan is a SaaS based Delivery Management and Route Optimization solution. Businesses can improve the operational efficiency of their delivery services with end-to-end route planning, rider allocation, automated dispatch and real-time tracking and much more.

How Tookan’s integration with Deal POS is helping us create local equity

Tookan’s integration with Deal POS is a step further in our mission to create equity in the market for local businesses. Our goal is to empower smaller businesses with the right tools to compete against larger players without investing a large amount of time and money.

Starting at just 15$ per month, Deal POS is an affordable solution for small and medium sized businesses to manage orders. Through its integration with Tookan, which starts at just 29$ per month, businesses can start managing their orders and deliveries at just 44$.

How to integrate Tookan with Deal POS

Tookan’s integration with Deal POS is very simple and takes only a few minutes to set up.

Step 1: Go to the extension section of Tookan, search for Deal POS and click on Activate. Once activated, fill out the necessary details.

Tookan DealPOS integration step 1
Tookan-Deal POS integration setup

Here is a breakdown of the above fields.

1.  Domain Name: Add the domain name, available from the Deal POS web link.

2. Client Secret Key: Go to Deal POS Dashboard >> My profile >> Developer API >> Copy to clipboard.

3. Client ID: This is your Deal POS username.

Tookan settings:

  1. Timezone: Retrieved from https://timezones.tookanapp.com/
  2. Pick Buffer: Buffer time in minutes to pick your order. 
  3. Drop Buffer: Buffer time in minutes to drop your order.
  4. Geofence: Enable this toggle, to apply Geofence on Tookan i.e. Tasks will be Aligned to the Agents according to their Geofence.
  5. Auto-Assignment: Enable this to use the auto allocation algorithm configured on Tookan for the jobs created from Square POS.

Step 2: After adding the details click on submit, and copy the generated web-hook URL.

Tookan DealPOS integration step 2
Adding Web-hook URL

Step 3:

Head over to the Deal POS dashboard and paste the web-hook URL in the outlet section of web-hook URL configurations and follow the steps as mentioned below.

Go to setup >> Click on menu on top right corner >> Click on Web-hook configurations >> Go to outlet >> Paste the URL copied for Tookan extensions here.

Tookan Deal POS integration step 3
Final setup for Tookan Deal POS integration

For further details you can refer to this video.

Tookan is catering to businesses across the globe with a focus on providing a seamless delivery management experience. With over 100 integrations, Tookan is already a home for all types of businesses, from small and medium sized businesses to large enterprises. The aim is to keep improving our offerings and adding value to our esteemed customers. Users can expect more integrations covering all aspects of delivery management.

Please feel free to get in touch with the Tookan team to understand how you can increase the delivery efficiency of your business.

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