• Get Started

    • Download the Tookan for Managers App from the Google Play Store or iOS App Store and Sign Up/Log in with the relevant login information.
    • You will immediately be redirected to the Manager Dashboard on your phone screen with a composite preview of all the tasks and agents in your team.
    • The manager app is a two-fold screen that you can switch between to customize and manage making the best use of both.
    • Let’s go over both of them one by one:
  • Screen 1 : Manager Dashboard Screen

  • This is the first screen that you’ll interact with as a Manager.

    It is this screen in the Manager App Dashboard that will showcase the complete summary of the work done and to be done.

  • The First Fold

  • In the first fold, there are listed multiple labels titled: Pending, Ongoing, Successful, Cancelled, Ontime and Delayed. 


    • Pending Shows the tasks that haven’t been completed yet
    • Ongoing Shows the tasks happening in real time
    • Successful Shows tasks that have been successfully completed
    • Cancelled Tasks that got cancelled: from the driver’s end
    • Ontime Tasks that were successful and were completed in time
    • Delayed Tasks that were successful but were behind schedule
  • The Second Fold

  • The Second fold on the screen showcases a scrollable list of agents, sorted on the basis of activity status as Free, Busy and Inactive. These agents can be contacted directly for communication via chat or call.

    The Chat button will open up the Tookan Chat Box and the agent will receive a message notification. 

    The Call button builds a direct call connect with the agent.

  • Task Bar

  • To the top right of the screen, you will see a Create Task button and a tab showing the date.


  • Create Task : How to list a new task?

  • This is where you can Create a New Task and manage the associated steps involved therein. 


    • Click on Create Task button. You will be redirected to the Create New Task screen with options to:
    • Add Pickup
    • Add Delivery
    • Repeat This Task
    • Agent Assignment


    Add Pickup: 

    Click on Add Pickup to create a new pick up task. The following form is displayed: 


    • Fill in the details associated with the task.
    • Select the template from the list added by the admin and click Save Pickup.
    • You’ll be redirected to the previous screen.
    • You can now see your task listed, with the option to add another pick up task. This feature is useful when listing connected tasks for multiple pick ups.


    Add Delivery:

    • Click on Add Delivery and create a new delivery task with all the corresponding details.
    • After furnishing all the details, click on Save Delivery.
    • Just like Pickup, you can now see your Delivery listed, with the option to add another connected delivery task.


    Repeat This Task: 

    If this is a recurring task, i.e has to be repeated, toggle the bar right. You will see the following screen:


    • Repeats: From the dropdown, select Daily-Weekly-Fortnightly-Monthly-Yearly-Alternative Days.
    • Daily: Select Ends on Date, Ends After Days
    • Weekly: Select Days the task needs to be repeated on, Ends on Date, Ends After Days (number of repetitions)
    • Fortnightly: Select Ends on Date, Ends After Days
    • Monthly: Select Ends on Date, Ends After Days
    • Yearly: Select Ends on Date, Ends After Days
    • Alternative Days: Select Ends on Date, Ends After Days
    • Click Save Repetition


    Agent Assignment:

    • Here, you select the Agent Assignment criteria. By default, this is on Automatic.
    • Geofence: toggle on if you want the geofence functional to select agents for this particular task
    • Tags: Corresponding tags to select agent; for instance, if you want to assign the task to an agent with a motorcycle, add the tag motorcycle
    • No. of Agents: Select the number of agents to be assigned to the task.
    • Click Assign Automatically. Your settings will be saved.
    • After having furnished all these details, click on the Create Task label. You will be redirected to the Dashboard Screen with the fresh task created.
  • Date/Calendar

  • To the top right edge of the screen, the current date will be displayed. Click on the date to check the task list and schedule for any other date. Both the screen folds will be updated and show the information and data for that particular date.

  • Screen 2: Side Panel

  • Click on the three bar icon on the top left of the screen to reveal the side panel. You will be presented with a range of features that the Tookan Manager App presents with, including Task, Agent, Updates, Profile, Analytics, Settings, Tutorial and Chat.


    • TASK: To-do’s and what is done

    • The Task tab lists all the tasks – assigned, unassigned and completed for the day. 
    • It is on this screen that you can overview and manage the tasks aligned for the date selected in the calendar on the top right of the screen. 
    • The above screen shows when one task is assigned for the day. 
    • Click on the task to open details about the same. You will be switched to the following screen: 
    • In the above screen, you can view agent details, client details, task history (who created the task and when) and the locations on the Map. 
    • To make edits to the task:
    • Click on the three-dot menu button on the top right of the screen. The following menu will pop-out:
    • Make the relative changes and you’re good to go. 
    • AGENT: Your working team

    The Agent tab lists the complete list of agents whether Free, Busy or Inactive. It is here that the entire list of agents is displayed; with the option to search or add new agents. 

    • To Add New Agent, click on the plus (+) sign on the top right of the screen. The following field form opens:
    • Furnish all the details as asked and click add agent.
    • The listed agent will be added to Agents. 
    • (Note: to start with, the agent will be listed in the Inactive tab)
    • You can click on the agent name to view agent details. 


    • PROFILE: Your Manager Account

     In the profile section, you can edit your manager profile details, including all relevant personal and contact information. 

    You can also change your password here. 


    • ANALYTICS : Your business report

    The analytics tab is a composite analysis of the entire business function- analyzing the entire operations on multiple levels of productivity in real-time. 

    • Here, you can have a complete analysis in real-time for the same day and the day before: 
    • Task Status: Assigned, Completed and Unassigned
    • Agent Status: Busy, Free and Inactive
    • Task Efficiency: a line graph to trace performance efficiency
    • Total Tasks: Line Graph of day-wise task report
    • Distance-Based Productivity: Productivity based on the distance covered for task completion
    • Time-Based Productivity: Productivity based on time span taken to complete a task

    Broadly, this is what your manager app would function like. If you are using the Manager Dashboard on the web, there will only be minor change of flow, but very closely associated to the administrator’s journey on the web. Read the full administrator journey here. 

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