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Q.How do I use Tookan agent app?

A.Tookan agent app is a user-friendly and easy-to-use app. Please see the entire agent journey here

Q.What's the purpose of the auto start option in Agent app?

A.Auto start ensures that the task is marked as "Started" automatically as soon as the agent acknowledges it.

Q.Accepted tasks by the agent are not displayed in the agent app. App is all clear. What could be the reason behind this?

A.The issue might lie in calendar dates. It's highly possible that task belongs to a future date & by default on home screen today's date is selected. Therefore the agent needs to select the right date to view the task. Another reason can be wrong selection of filters.

Q.I don't want my customers to see my agents number during delivery of tasks. What should I do?

A. You have to enable Number Masking Extension from Tookan extension marketplace. This extension will mask numbers of agents and customers from one another.

Q.How do I operate Tookan Side Menu and Settings in agent app?

A.Tookan agent app side menu is explained in this video:

Q.How do I accept and complete a task on Tookan Agent app?

A.Follow the steps in this video to accept and complete tasks on Tookan Agent App.

Q.Is Tookan Mulitilingual?

A. Yes, Currently we support more then 20 languages including english, arabic, french and many more

Q.Can I import bulk agents from a CSV sheet?

A.Yes, Tookan allows you to upload bulk agents at once. Read more about bulk agent import here

Q.How do I become an agent for Tookan?

A.Tookan does not directly employ agents.Tookan is a software company that provides delivery management to companies. Businesses employ their own agents and they use our software to link their tasks with their own agents.
Tookan does not:
  • Employ drivers
  • Maintain a job vacancy board
  • Provide work for independent drivers not associated with a company
  • The Tookan agent app will not work (you will not receive tasks) if you are not approved by an employer who is using our software.

Q.Why I can't see the task information on my app?

A.Please check the date you are viewing tasks for. Select the correct date to see the tasks information.

Q.Can I get an upcoming tasks notification in my app?

A.You will a recieve a reminder notification 30 minutes prior the scheduled tasks

Q.I already have an account, Why can't I login as a driver?

A.If you are having password issues, click on forgot passsword and follow the prompts to recieve an email to reset a password. If you don't recieve a reset mail within few minutes please check you spam

Q.Why can't I complete the task without collecting Proof of Delivery

A.You can only complete a task succesfully after collecting all the mandatory information from user. If admin has marked proof of delivery as a mandatory field you can't complete a task without collecting it.

Q.Why can't I edit my schedule?

A.You can only edit your schedule if you have the permission access from admin. Please contact admin for the schedule editing permission.

Q.Why am I not recieving tasks?

A.To recieve more tasks please make sure you are marked as On Duty from your agent app.

Q.When do I push Start?

A.You push the start slider once you have started the task. Please keep in mind that once you have pushed the slider towards start your admin and customer will be notified and will be able to track your position. To read the complete task journey click here

Q.When do I push task Successfull?

A.You push the successful slider once you have successfully completed the task by collecting all the mandatory information by customer. Once you have marked a task successfully completed your admin and customer will be notified. To read the complete task journey click here

Q.How do I get paid?

A.Your payment will depend on your employer. Please contact to your employer for questions related to when and how will you be paid.

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