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How it Works?

Build your own vacation rental booking website in a few hours.

Rental Marketplace
  • 1

    Guest Login

    Secure and easy way for people to login into their account.

  • 2

    Browse Listings

    Select the date range and start your property booking.

  • 3

    Instant Booking after Host Approval

    Confirmation notification after booking approval.

  • 4

    Pay with Online Payment Gateway

    Integrated Global payment gateways.

Rental Booking App
Airbnb Clone
  • 1

    Host Login

    Login either as a guest or a host and start hosting your properties.

  • 2

    List Your Place

    Setup offerings, schedules and rules for your listing.

  • 3

    Approve Booking

    View customer profile and approve booking start hosting.

  • 4

    Money transfer after commission educted

    Real time, In app Commission settlement.

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Dashboards For Seamless Marketplace Management

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Rental Booking App
/Airbnb Clone


Stay in control over the listings in your marketplace with Approval Mechanism.
Airbnb Clone Script


Award and payments made easier with integrated global payment systems.
Rental Marketplace


You can offer special discount packages to guests to attract more customers.

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