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Multi Vendor Marketplace
  • Monitor Performance

    Furniture peer to peer marketplace enables you to monitor Number of sells, Cancelled orders,total sales/revenue, Ratings & Reviews and other numbers to montior the performance.
  • Analyse Your Data in One View

    Get reports, view top listings and analyse reports that helps you to identify opportunities to grow your furniture business. Visualize your data effectively.
  • Manage Listing at One Place

    Stay in control over the listings in your marketplace with approval mechanism. Find a detailed summary of all the order bookings on all the tasks.

Customer Ordering Experience

Delight Product Sell/Purchase/Rent Experience
For Customers

  • Dynamic Advance Filters

    Give your customer a choice to filter furniture stores based on best pricing, location & rating etc.
  • Easy Sign-up Process

    Provide easy login using Gmail, Facebook & linkedIn.
  • Payment Methods and Reviews

    Multiple payment options integrations with paypal, stripe, credit/debit card
Multi Vendor Marketplace
Multi Vendor Marketplace

In App Chat

  • Addressing Customer Queries and Grievances At One Place.
  • Instantly reply to standard queries with saved replies and chatbots.
  • Enabling Customizations and Modifications to Bookings.
  • Broadcast promotional messages to all your customer’s apps.

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Go Online Faster

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Drive Results

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Secured Payment

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