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Tiger versus Sharetribe: Which you should pick as your marketplace in 2020 and why?

By Tannu Sharma 24th February 2020

Ringing in 2020 means entering a new decade where technology is everything. Businesses and brands have started to show their concern about their online presence. This is why major of the business decisions are dependent upon the type of marketplace, one picks for its online existence.

Speaking about the e-Commerce boom that has already given opportunities to many of the businesses to enter the online marketplace, this is the time when you should choose the marketplace that can give your business, its relevant identity. 

Tiger: A marketplace for every business

Tiger is your 24*7 online peer to peer marketplace that can let your business grow online. Get your marketplace designed, customized according to your own business needs. From picking up your favorite theme to letting you create your hand-picked listings, we have covered all for you. Connect to your potential business growth and drive a good revenue with a perfect online marketplace, this 2020. 

However, you might have heard about many of the marketplaces that will give you assurance for your unique online identity. With the same purpose in mind, in this article, we have handpicked some of the important and exclusive features of two major ruling marketplaces of 2020. Tiger and Sharetribe have their own set of features that makes it interesting to choose one over the other. To throw required light on such features, here are a few of the must-to -know points for your next marketplace. 

Initial Investment

We understand the value of money. And this value holds much importance when you are at a building stage. With Sharetribe, you need to go for an investment of around $79 per month to set up your own marketplace. Though $79, is not a huge amount but every penny matters when you are about to kickstart your online business. This is why you must think about a better alternative that can give you handpicked results at less price. 

Wondering how to find such one? Why not you switch to Tiger. Yes, Tiger is the premium marketplace option for you in 2020, where you can easily get the chance to build your own marketplace with zero investment. 

Amazing, isn’t it! Our motto is “ pay as you grow”! When you are at your initial stage, you can go ahead with zero investment and gradually as you expand, you can pick up other plans and switch to them. Moreover, the other paid plans are as low as you could have ever thought of! So, if you are picking up Tiger to keep your finances sorted with your online set up of marketplace in 2020, congratulations! You have made a smart decision. 

Technical Assistance

Since you are new in the marketplace, you might need a perfect assistance that can guide you at the time of requirements. And when it comes to serving your customers, every moving second of your clock matters. 

As per our research, the maximum holding time to get a response from Sharetribe is around 120 seconds. That means you are 120 chances behind your competitors! Are you ready to bear this loss? We are sure you might not be. Then, the question arises, how to deal with such a crisis.

You can think of switching to a better online marketplace that can give you the chance to get technical help at the earliest. Tiger is one of the most pacified marketplace that can offer you the response time, less than 60 seconds. Now, you can get your queries, concerns solved in lesser than a minute and can go ahead with performing and competing strongly in the market. 

Smart Listing Features

In your online marketplace, you need to keep all your goods readily visible and accessible to your potential audiences. Listing your goods is a smart way to optimize your work operations. This could be done via a process known as listing your goods. Though it is one of the must-have features in your marketplace, it is being majorly missed when you pick up Sharetribe. You need to pay a good amount for setting up the marketplace in Sharetribe but would not be able to sort your listing.

However, in the case of Tiger, you would find this feature exclusively available. We understand the need to keep your listing readily available for your business to grow. And that is why our prime focus is to ease down your processes as much as possible. 

Own The Customization

Last but not the least, 2020 is all about building up your own identity. When you are choosing a marketplace, make sure you get the complete access to customize your presence as you want. You know about your customers better than anyone else. Give them a better UI/UX experience by opting for complete customization of your marketplace. 

This is very difficult in the case of Sharetribe as it fails to offer you the customized apps. 

On the other side, Tiger offers you 360-degree freedom to optimize and customize the apps as per your brand requirements. And who in this world would deny this amazing opportunity to create your own brand presence in the market? Make your audiences happy and closer to your services by picking up a better UI/ UX experience for them. 

Wrapping up

Coming straight to the conclusion, it could be interfered that in 2020, you need to take some bold decisions for your business. And setting up a marketplace for your business is one among them. However, one might find lucrative offers to go ahead with any of the n-number of marketplaces, you should stick to the best. 

Tiger is one of the premium online marketplace builders in 2020, which will definitely give a spark of success and expansion to your business in the coming time. For more information, feel free to discuss it with us!

If you enjoyed reading this, we’re sure you will also love checking out what we have in store on our Youtube channel. You can also head to our home page for more info!

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