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How to Create your Interior Design Business with Tiger’s Complete Tech-Suite?

By Deepak Digwal 24th July 2020

A rental marketplace is a great new way to set-up your interior design business! The fact that the world around us is more cautious than ever before! We can assume that the present and coming times demand a big platform for interior designing business. The global interior design software market is expected to register a CAGR of over 9% during the forecast period (2020-2025). And what else can match the expectations of the market than to create an online peer to peer marketplace for it?

 According to the global interior design market report, the market size of Interior Designing will reach $121 billion by 2023. Dive in to know more about the concept of a rental marketplace and how you can create interior design websites with a popular online marketplace peer to peer platform like Tiger.

Perks of Choosing Peer to Peer Marketplace Builder like Tiger for your Interior Design Business

Here are a few benefits of sticking to Tiger as your own rental marketplace software:

  1. Calendar the appointments: You can easily manage and schedule the appointments with your clients via Tiger. You can ask for building a rental app that can serve the purpose of synchronizing your upcoming meetings as per the schedule availability.
  2. Hassle-free payment option: An online rental marketplace software is a better option for faster payments. The pre-built multi-currency acceptance helps you to establish your business on the global platform.
  3. Happy Promotions: With a rental marketplace builder platform you can keep on engaging and retaining your customers with quick referrals. You can customize and create the promotions as per your business needs.
  4.  Data-packed analytical reports: As an admin, you can keep on managing the operations of your business. From getting an insight into your total earnings to ensuring that you know about the stats of traffic on the site, you can check all at one place. This helps you to get a clear picture about your business performance in the market. You can get daily, weekly, monthly as well as annual reports.
  5. Customization As you want:  Build your brand in a way, you always wish to. The pre-available feature of setting up the customization of your online rental marketplace. This will help you to stay unique and classic with your presence.

Tiger makes it convenient to create your rental app for your interior design business!

If you are a part of interior design business for some time, you must be knowing how attractive and exclusive your services need to be! This is the only way to shout out your presence in the market among your competitors. Apart from the exclusive features, the easy to go and set-up your business process makes it a high demand in the competition! Not sure about how it can help?

Instant set-up

Yes, you read it right! The moment you make your mind to go ahead with building of a rental marketplace for your business with Tiger, consider it is done! It is just a matter of minutes for our experts.

Bid a goodbye to troublesome coding

No one will believe it at first, but it is true. You can own a marketplace builder via Tiger and that too without getting indulged in any of the coding process. The no-code process is a win-win situation for your business.

Free of Cost

Oh yes! You can rub your eyes again. Tiger will help you to own a peer to peer marketplace of your own, without paying a single penny for it. We bet you will jump out of your couch!

Tiger needs no introduction when it comes to quality. Gear up your skills and passion with our tech-suite, Tiger. For more information, catch up with us. We will happily serve you with our peer to peer marketplace products.

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