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Starting your own food delivery business for the Netflix age

By Wilfred Vivek 4th July 2019

The present age that is stuck to Netflix for chilling has turned out to be more acquainted with the modern technology trends than their counterparts. Their requirement for supreme comfort in each part of their lives makes them the ideal target segment for that food delivery business, which has been drifting in your brain for a long time. A similar innovation that used to be very scary has, presently, become so affordable and easy to such an extent that beginning an online business is only a touch away.

We’ll walk you through a step by step procedure on how to start your own food delivery business from scratch.

Starting a food delivery business

Mandatory requirements

Be very clear about your business idea and chart out a basic working model after thorough research about laws and regulations, the geography, buying behavior of the target group, restaurants, and outlets, competition, etc. for your food delivery software.

Business Model

  • Partner with restaurants, app-development companies and investors.
  • Fundamental resources, for example, accounts, HR, vehicles and office space (whenever required)
  • Major channels would be applications, sites, online networking and physical delivery vehicles.
  • Expenses including that of tasks, staff pay rates, office lease, acquirement and delivery, promotion and advertisement
  • The income stream from sales, restaurant promotion and advertising
  • Value proposition: Get delicious food delivered of your choice at the click of a button while you chill with Netflix!

Get Started

The process flows like this: Customers place an order on the mobile application or the website, the admin receives the order and the payment, an automatic task is created for delivery, and the agent receives the notification in his driver’s app with the particulars and delivers the order to the customer. Payment will be pre-paid or cash-on-delivery.

With Yelo’s seamless integrations resource efficiency and customer satisfaction are guaranteed with the help of route optimisation, real-time tracking and in-app chat support system. Also, you can make business decisions by understanding your customer’s buying behaviour and market trends with advanced analytics. This will not only bring down your costs but also increase productivity.


  • Make the best use of Social Media with food pictures on Facebook and Instagram. Create a business page and push constant updates on the discounts, coupons and changes in the menu.
  • Use narrowed targeting on Facebook and Google advertisements for better outcomes
  • Run Loyalty Programs to reward your most important customers.
  • Month to month pamphlet for brand mindfulness and acquire client base

This essential guide will enable you to begin your own food delivery business and smoothen out the procedure to turn into a brand everybody adores.

You can be the closest companion of this Netflix age who needs to have a blowout without escaping their home. So go out and kick-start your own food delivery business today!

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