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Setting up a logistic business? Here’s how DispatchTrack, a startup in logistic business manages to compete with top competitors

By Tanvir Singh 2nd June 2020

Heard about it? DispatchTrack leads the competitive race with its first-ever funding. This bootstrapped start-up manages to impress one of the high-profile investors of the industry. This marks as great news coming during the unprecedented COVID-19 times. A time when businesses are struggling to maintain sustainability in the market. There are still many of the start-ups performing pretty well. 

The latest reports suggest about $144 M funding offered to DispatchTrack.  Do you know why top investors are ready to put their investment in logistic start-ups?  Because they see a good future and fortune in last-mile connectivity logistic platforms. 

Key Highlights:

-Dispatch Track- a last-mile logistic platform raises $144 M funding

-Known to deliver more than 60 million deliveries per year

-Mimicking the giant players- Amazon-like e-commerce experience to its end-users

– An easy guide to own a logistic start-up business in a few days

DispatchTrack is a cloud-based software logistics company that focuses on combating the last-mile challenges of delivery. 

How Does the DispatchTrack Business Model Work?

Business Timeline:

Founded in: 2010; San Jose

Founders: Satish Natranjan & Shailu Satish

First-Funding: 2020

First-Funding Net Worth: $144M

The business model works upon the concept of last-mile connectivity for various industries. The cloud-based software enriches the operational efficiency. It offers better time management, cost-cutting, and improved first-attempt delivery rate. It contributes to offering the bottom-line growth to achieve better customer satisfaction. 

 The company aims to offer uninterrupted 60 million deliveries per year. Isn’t it a fair deal to think of? In a larger picture, startups such as DispatchTrack are on the move to compete with the industry’s giant players. The burning question here that arises is how a startup gears up to mimic a satisfying experience like Amazon and other big e-commerce platforms. The all-in-one logistic platform has the essential delivery toolkit in it. 

The tech offers committed last-mile connectivity empowerment by offering:

-Traffic-aware Routes

-Dynamic Route Optimization

– Real-time ETAs

-Assistive Telemetrics

– Concise Client Communication 

    And the list continues!

Sounds worth trying! Let’s do it then! How? Read below to understand how technology can assist you in setting -up your own logistic business.

Setting up your own Logistics Business

Here is a structured roadmap for setting up your logistic business. Apart from it, there are certain tactics that you might also know to ensure better last-mile connectivity. 

Get regular updates on route behavior

Right from the screening of route to ensuring you get a complete overview of ETA, everything is covered with the perfect delivery management software. This helps in adding accuracy in informing the customers about delivery time. 

Get dynamic route planning for multiple fleet

Fleet management could be a stress if not done precisely. A robust tech-suite can offer you prompt route planning; a decision to choose the shortest and less traffic route. Hence, it contributes to swift fleet management. 

Track and analyze via key metrics

 For mapping, measuring, and monitoring the key metrics of the route; you can integrate with a powerful delivery software that allows you to streamline the delivery process. 

Improve FADR rate

Last but not the least, choosing the delivery management software gives the privilege of ensuring the efficient FADR rate and improving customer experience. 

The above-mentioned points can add operational efficiency to your logistic business. There is much more to unravel and explore. To know in detail about it, you can talk to our logistic business set-up experts too. 

Before you go!

The key points above explain how a start-up can earn a better revenue model and can be a part of the rat-race. If you are willing to give a try to your logistic business, feel free to connect with us.  

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