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6 Steps to Optimize your Last Mile Delivery Service

By Akhil Kumar 1st January 2020
last mile delivery

2020 is going to be a year where customer’s demand regarding the last mile delivery experiences will ascend. In 2019 there was a drastic escalation in the e-commerce industry and a noteworthy delivery experience has played a crucial role in providing the breakthrough. Reports and surveys state that 80% of e-commerce brands were successful in providing real-time delivery tracking. Out of this chunk, 45% of the customers were satisfied with a two-hour delivery window or less. This phenomenal hike will keep on expanding and satisfactory delivery experience will be the driving factor. It’s because of the customer’s rising demand and feedbacks, businesses keep on reformulating their delivery structure. If organizations fail in meeting the expectations in this new Amazon aged world then it’s obvious that they will be overthrown by their competitors.

The question is, how to perfect and create an impeccable last mile delivery structure?

There are two driving factors which every business must keep a note of for delivery optimization:
1) The capability to provide swift and timely deliveries.
2) The operational efficiency to boost your profits.

Optimize your Last Mile delivery model

To provide an impeccable and user-friendly delivery service organizations must cling to the following steps:

Centralization of Data
Data is the most crucial asset for any kind of business so importing data into a centralized system plays a vital role in optimizing operational efficiency in the last mile delivery model. Data regarding the fleet, number of delivery agents, history of deliveries, deliveries to be made and other relevant stuff should be safeguarded. Accumulating the data in a centralized system also helps in the auto-assignment of orders to the delivery agents. With the help of an efficient last mile delivery management system, the data can be uploaded in the centralized database via a CSV file.

Make informed decisions based on your data
Remaining last mile blind is no longer an option for organizations seeking to get a competitive edge in the market for providing an unbeatable last mile delivery experience. Businesses must have meticulous insights and real-time information about every aspect of their delivery operations. By aggregating this information they can renovate their current workflow and make informed decisions to meet and exceed the expectations of the last mile delivery experience for customers.

Automation is a must
To manage delivery operations in a way that enables organizations to provide a good last mile delivery experience, automation is a must. Particularly in the “On-Demand” world, manually handling the number of orders per minute that keeps on increasing at an exponential rate is a burden. On the other hand, automation makes it easy by grouping orders accurately. This, in turn, results in more number of orders getting delivered in the same delivery window, with the same driver.

Optimization of routes
Apart from grouping the orders via automation, it is also important to consider, whether your drivers are getting the most optimal routes for delivery or not. Implementation of a better routing system will also reduce your last mile delivery costs as well as reduce the number of necessary drivers needed. Moreover, it will open other opportunities for businesses to increase their revenue. In layman terms, we can say that if organizations can reduce the number of drivers needed for their current capacity, they can even expand their reach geographically for last mile deliveries with the same number of drivers.

Scan the orders prior delivery
Being able to track all the orders in real-time, from the moment when the order has been dispatched to the moment when the order has been successfully delivered, is not an alluring dream anymore. To revamp the last mile delivery operations, all orders must be scanned before dispatching. This, in turn, will enable smart tracking through a centralized system where we can exactly monitor which items are on which vehicles and where they are on their routes.

Order visibility and customer engagement
The visibility of orders is also a driving factor that leads to more customer engagement. Businesses need to provide an app with real-time information and map for customers so that they could track their orders and get the estimated ETA. Engagement is also a deciding factor for customer retention. The app must contain a direct medium where customers could communicate with their delivery agents to provide some instructions like “don’t ring the doorbell” etc.

Businesses taking control over the last mile delivery operations must choose the right technology that enables them to automate their operations. Only then they will be able to provide a positive ROI and good convenience exceeding the expectations of the customers.

Wrap Up

The world has changed. Customers prioritize their ideal last mile delivery experience over the satisfaction of the order that they have received. Therefore going for the apt delivery management software is very important. The world’s finest brands have chosen Tookan to provide unbeatable last mile delivery experiences with impeccable automation and full optimization to their customers. Tookan will enable your business to achieve the greatest efficiencies across the entire delivery network from drivers to end customers. So choose Tookan and get listed yourself in the big league for providing an efficient last mile delivery experience.

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