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Say goodbye to on-time delivery challenges with Route Optimization

By Samar Singla 6th June 2017

Route optimization is the latest buzzing term across all on demand industries. Have you wondered how route optimization is contributing business growth at a large scale? A customer is exposed to endless options of any product or service. Factors that determine the final buying decision of a customer are cost and quality. Route optimization has a direct impact over both these factors.

Transportation plays an important role in determining the cost of a product or service. With optimized routes, a company can easily save upto 5% of product costs as a result of reduction in fuel costs and decrease in overtime wages of fleet. Thus, utilization of resources in a better way makes your business more productive.

But how does route optimization work?

Traditional way of optimizing routes using pencil, paper and map was clearly not an efficient way. Moreover, it was not based upon the real-time factors such as traffic and weather conditions. To plan your deliveries efficiently, your system should be backed by a robust route optimization algorithm. The algorithm finds out the shortest and fastest routes keeping traffic, weather and number of stops into consideration. With advanced softwares integrated with your system, optimized routes are dispatched to different drivers. Real-time tracking along with route optimization ensures that your fleet is not wasting time or fuel.

Why Google Maps cannot be used for route optimization?

Undoubtedly, majority of the people use Google Maps to travel to an unknown destination using the most suitable routes. However, you cannot use Google Maps for optimizing routes for your fleet. Here is why:

    • Google Maps does not enable a manager to manage multiple drivers at different shift timings and at different locations
    • Multiple delivery stops cannot be added in Google Maps
    • Route optimization softwares can be customized as per business requirements
  • Google Maps will not provide analytical data for business insights

On time deliveries and much more…

Other than on-time deliveries, route optimization can be used to add value to other areas of your business. Auto-allocation of deliveries with optimized routes will enable quick planning for every driver. Enterprises can also analyse data collected from route optimization softwares. The data can then be processed into useful insights that help in framing new strategies for making your delivery and fleet management more efficient.

Know how Juggernaut can empower your business with on demand platforms that have tailor made route optimization modules for smooth deliveries and better customer experience.

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