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This API gives the feature to search the desired location on the basis of latitude and longitude. You need to type the latitude and longitude of the desired location.

Parameters Required

fm_tokenstringEnter Flightmap token available in Flightmap dashboard
latstringEnter the latitude of the desired location
lngstringEnter the longitude of the desired location
zoomnumberEnter the number to the desired extent you want to zoom in. [0-20]

Zoom Levels

Zoom LevelsDescription
zoom level 3refers to Country
zoom level 5refers to State
zoom level 6refers to Region
zoom level 10refers to City
zoom level 12refers to Town/Village
zoom level 14refers to Suburb
zoom level 18refers to Building


To use the Reverse Geocoding API, perform a GET request on the following endpoints:

https://maps.flightmap.io/api/search_reverse?fm_token=<your api key here>&lat=30.6944792&lng=76.8796062&zoom=18



dataObjectComplete address of the place
address string Address of the place
formatted_addressstringFormatted address of the place

The Search Reverse API returns following result in a JSON format.

                        {    "message": "Successful",
                            "status": 200,
                            "data": {
                                "address": "Panchkula, Haryana",
                                "formatted_address": "Unnamed Road, Panchkula, Haryana 134109, India"

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