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5 Reasons Why Hyperlocal Business Is a Growth Opportunity

By Rajat Kumar 9th July 2021

What is a Hyperlocal Business?

Hyperlocal businesses have been integrated recently into our industry where these businesses build a local environment or network that enables the nearby stores and customers to connect on online platform. This form of business involves order placement through various apps or websites which can involve ordering food, booking a restaurant, on demand services, etc.

Market Size

The market for hyperlocal business was valued at $1,324.2 B in 2019 and is expected to grow to $3,634.3 B by 2027, with a CAGR of 17.9% from 2021 to 2027. Hyperlocal business organizations provide buyers with product delivery and service business. Product delivery includes food, prescriptions, personal items, and other items, while service business includes plumbing, home cleaning, yard care, electricity, and seepage. This labour and product burden is provided by a group of young guys from the business community or local residents. Cafes, inns, affordable food outlets, natural product or vegetable, fish, meat, and other shops can also use hyperlocal business stages to effectively bring in and manage their business without worrying about delivery.

The proliferation of cell phones, as well as their simple connectivity to the internet, has boosted interest in hyperlocal marketplace. Occupied lifestyles and an increase in the number of women in the workforce promote the growth of the online food and staples ordering industry, which in turn fuels the growth of the hyperlocal markets. Internet company and Mobile-trade platforms are growing in popularity, adopting and safeguarding hyperlocal businesses to reduce delivery costs and time. The growth of online commerce has sparked widespread interest in hyperlocal marketplace. According to the India Brand Equity Foundation, the Indian web-based business market is expected to grow from $38.5 billion in 2017 to $200 billion in 2026.

During the forecasted time frame, hyperlocal service marketplace are expected to gain significant traction in non-industrialized countries; this can be attributed to growing disposable income, a large working-age population, and a high proclivity to seek out comfort-related services, all of which encourage interest in various service business such as home services and strategic planning. Cleaning, remoulding, material, grass care, individual consideration, electrical, and device repair are examples of home service services. These home service businesses are quite popular in developed countries due to a lack of time and indigenous help, but their popularity is primarily growing in non-industrial countries throughout the same time frame making hyperlocal, the future of e-commerce.

Current Nature of Hyperlocal Businesses

1. Food Delivery

2. Grocery Delivery

3. Home Related Services – Beauty, Repairing or Other Labour

Why So Popular?

Taking in account the current scenario of covid-19 pandemic, the rules and regulations have been very strict and people are locked up in their own homes.  This has led to increase in in consumption of the hyper local network which gets the work done without any hassle. Even the behaviour of public has drastically altered overtime leaning more towards these startups. Longer exposure to search businesses during the lockdown has offered a great opportunity to build trust among the customers. Hyper local market has been a saviour and an opportunistic business model to grow at a higher pace fulfilling the needs and requirements of the customers without them leaving their households. Besides that, customers have also been open to the idea of contributing and becoming part of of this model which can be seen through the prominent boom in the industry since 2020.

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Reasons For Hyperlocal Business Being A Growth Opportunity.

1. Tech-savvy generation

Most of the people are afraid to trust these hyperlocal businesses and are still devoid of the facilities they could take advantage of. Here comes in the youngsters who are tech savy, introducing their norms and the ease these businesses bring.

This young generation will be tomorrow’s future and make this industry grow manifolds.

2. No Hassle but Work gets done

These businesses are taking away the hassle of moving out of the house or office. Even if the work is to be done miles away your absence be problem when you have hyperlocal industry existing in your ecosystem.

3. Solution in a click

Sometimes we are unaware of the services and the service providers which can be a fullstop to get that work done. But with local businesses listed on the platform one doesn’t run out of any opportunity.

4. Aiming of big

When some small businesses together can create a new industry imagine what happens when these startups become established organisations.

5. Lifestyle Change

Straightforward associability to the web, phones increase has been primarily boosting the interest for hyperlocal organizations. Involved lifestyle and extended women working age people further lift the improvement of the online food and staple mentioning market, which accordingly fuel the advancement of the hyperlocal organizations market. Web business and M-exchange stages are extending embracing and getting the hyperlocal organizations to lessen movement cost and time. Improvement in online business drives wide interest for the hyperlocal organizations. For instance, according to India Brand Equity Foundation, The Indian electronic business market is depended upon to create to $200 billion by 2026 from $38.5 billion beginning at 2017.

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This entire pandemic situation has been extremely difficult for both the masses and local industries. In these trying times, it’s critical to develop newer procedures and ideas to help the industry survive the Covid-19 issue. This sets a large scope of opportunity for people gain out hyperlocal. In India, the hyperlocal market model is critical not only for consumers but also for the industry’s stabilization. Furthermore, this approach can be of tremendous assistance to the general public. The common man is confined to his home. They are having a difficult time carrying out their regular shopping. As a result, a retail store that offers hyperlocal services can do wonders for the general public.

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