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Our Journey and How You Can Become a Part of Us!

By Radhika Jain 1st July 2020

Ever wondered how JungleWorks achieved such great success in just a span of 5 years? Well, here we are to share our story and how you can be a part of our journey to create a successful online marketplace. 

A little about JungleWorks..

Jungleworks is a segment of ClickLabs inc, founded by Mr  Samar Singla in May, 2015. Jungleworks is a generalist software stack established with an aim to be the one-stop solution for the entire on-demand space. The team develops strategic products and solutions as they cater to the entire on demand user journey.

With the increased use of smartphones, Samar and his team of marketers and developers realized that online markets are bound to grow, and with that in mind the need for software houses to provide B2B integration will grow alongside. With that vision, Jungleworks became a pioneer of its niche, with more than five million users worldwide, today.

A little about our products.. 

Jungeworks has about 16 products for you to benefit from. These applications ease your hardships of handling your business by providing you with software to handle your logistics, commerce, and communication gaps. 

Wondering how to send your packages safely to your customers? Explore Tookan 

Wish to communicate with your team, anytime anywhere? Join Fugu

Can’t analyse your sales record? Leave that for Kato

Jungleworks aids your businesses, which can surely result in greater and longer benefits. With the new normal, most of us have thought of starting an online store and create our social presence. Jungleworks is the right partner to start your journey with. 

A little about our clients..

Our clients have always been our priority. Over the past five successful years, we can now proudly say that we have more than twenty-four thousand clients from around the globe. These clients belong to various marketplaces, such as health, beauty, food, hospitality, and more. 

To name a few of our dearest clients today, we have on board; Mcdonalds, JSW steels, Sylvan learning, Ehealth Africa, HonestBee, Gasco, One delivery Co UK, and many more. 

As we focus on a specific niche, we have a very high ratio of repeat orders, up to 80%. It can be said that we own this market, and have a set of extremely happy and loyal clients. 

We realize that our clients’ business needs to have a specific target market. This way their businesses can use its resources to attract just the potential customers, and not on the mass market. Resulting in growth of both, our clients and us. 

A little about our strategy..

We haven’t reached where we are today overnight, we have had our set of sleepless nights and tiring days. Until we figured out the right strategies to capture the market.

However, our vision has always been to create trustworthy relationships with our clients and customers, whether it’s a company, entrepreneur or an individual.  

The key to success in any business is consistency. It is better to realize this sooner than later. At jungleworks, we ensure that our products and services add value to our customer’s agenda and that too with consistency. We make sure our customers’ expectations are met, and they are satisfied with our service nonetheless. 

One of the reasons for our successful journey has to do with our policy towards integrity. It is our utmost priority, to be honest with our clients and keep their data, records, and dealings safe and secure. Keeping the goodwill alive. 

Now that we have spilled our secret recipe, you can learn the strategies and avoid these mistakes in your journey. Join your hands with JungleWorks and let us do the magic. 

How can you join us?

As the world evolves, creating valuable partnerships has become an amazing growth strategy. With JungleWorks’ goal of helping you grow, your business management will surely be more efficient and handleable.

To cater to all your needs, we have designed a Partner Platform, exclusively for you!

Our customer service is available round the clock to guide you related to all our technologies and software. 

A very basic procedure is followed to analyze your business by our team and you’re made partner in no time. Jungleworks partnership program has no registration fee, however, a one-time minimal commitment fee for the efforts to integrate your products with ours. 

Become a partner now!

If you enjoyed reading this, we’re sure you will also love checking out what we have in store on our Youtube channel. You can also head to our home page for more info!

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