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Office Collaboration Tools Are The #FUTUREofWORK For 2019

By Shivin Gupta 4th February 2019

Businesses have encountered only the tip of the iceberg in using digital technology to improve employee efficiency. The next generation of tools will provide still further improvements to employee efficiency, which is about helping people to do things right. But these advance, smarter tools will have a much greater impact, by improving employee effectiveness, which is about directing people to do the right things.

Are you waiting for a revert on email and lost in a long thread of about 50 emails at a time? Well, these collaboration tools get the work done in real time and according to a recent survey, “The project which takes around 4 days to complete takes no more than a day, thanks to faster and organized communication on these amazing office collaboration apps.

Why there is an increasing need for collaboration tools in the enterprise

The basic agenda of collaboration technologies is to enable workers to work from anywhere, on any device. Team members in different geographies live and breathe the market they live in—and that allows teams to develop a wider view of the global market.

Who wants 10 application windows open to complete a task?

Creative minds of developers result in complete process automation and from start-ups to large enterprises, all organizations will prefer to get the work done via one single platform

Less Meetings, Even Lesser Emails, Faster Communication

Jungleworks as a company, is always driven by innovative ideas. We love to work on innovative ideas which can solve the use cases of our customers. Our team of developers came up with Fugu as an office collaboration app to change the trend of inter-office communication.

Looking to simplify communication for efficient teamwork? Try for free

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