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Workplace 3.0 – Less Meetings, Even Lesser Emails, Faster Communication

By Shivin Gupta 2nd January 2019

Imagine you can simplify team communication and put a halt at wasting precious work hours sending emails.

All successful projects start with a strong team, and teams are strong only when they have effective communication strategies and each team member is informed about what’s going on.

In a conversation with a long list of back and forth email exchanges, it’s easy to get lost and find critical information. “Where’s that message George sent me about the new analytics report?” Before you know it, 15 minutes have gone by and you still can’t find that attachment you desperately need before the meeting! Collaboration apps make organization easy, as they are built around the idea of staying organized, with content and files living directly in your rooms.

These team collaboration apps aren’t just a prettier version of old school instant messengers, but offer customizable and powerful work collaboration experiences. With the creative mind of a developer, and supplied APIs, teams can fully customize their solutions to create a truly unique experience, and bridge the gap between other productivity tools.

Communication systems these days have evolved with features such as Screen sharing, File sharing, Video calling, Voice calling, Attendance Bot, Leave Bot and many other apps take your business to a whole new level.

As the workplace changes, so do the tools we use to get work done. Email was once the king, beating out phone and even video calls to stay connected. However, there has been shift in the way we get work done. Persistence of messaging and powerful file sharing keep the content at the focus, and empowers natural collaboration between team members wherever they may be.

Team Collaboration and Business Messaging apps like Fugu, Slack, Flock etc will work to supplement the daily flood of emails and keep your inbox clutter free. Meetings will happen constantly and instantaneously while your productivity can reach new levels with the collaboration apps. If you think a Team Collaboration app would fit your business, you can explore the features at https://jungleworks.com/fugu/
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