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Making Schools Safer: School Bus Tracking Solution

By Madhura Yale 2nd January 2018

For years, school authorities delved for a solution to make school buses a safe experience to travel and curtail the expenses. Nevertheless, it was found that bus route optimization is the excellent solution to curtail incidences in relation to school transportation. And the real question is how to perform bus School bus tracking solution and management?

Let us have a glimpse of how to achieve a safe trip to school.

Why is School bus tracking essential?

The prime goal associated with a bus routing software is that it ensures student safety. The routing software is an advanced measure towards student security, by considering pick-up location, stop location, avoiding the areas resided by criminals, and high traffic zones.

Another significant benefit of bus route management solution is to lower the number of drivers and school buses running on a particular route. Moreover, one can save money by controlling the fuel and staffing expenses as minimal as possible.

Route management solution

We help you find the most appropriate route on the basis of school assignments, current bus stops, timing, and busloads. Consequently, route optimization helps to enhance the school bus fleet efficiency.

Hence, By effective arrangement of school bus routes by taking into consideration of safety concerns, school transportation policies, and road related disasters, you will also be able to lessen fuel costs, idling hours and staffing

Incidentally, earlier route optimization was performed with the outdated wall maps, but the innovative modern technologies have made the task simple.

What is a bus routing software?

A school bus routing software consists of tools that assist you automatically generate ideal routes for your trip, on the basis of the users’ criteria. Hereafter, these routes are interpreted against the current route for figuring out whether further logical alternatives exist or not.

Meanwhile, the routing software considers the school bus turns, stop locations. In addition, there is software that determines the most appropriate stop location for each student as per the boundary details, walk-to-stop distances, and enrollment details.

Beneficial features of school bus routing software

Here are certain features that can enhance the school transportation:

For administration ( Public Transportation Management)

Route Optimization will generate optimum routes for individual or combined schools.The routes can be analyzed using complete bus schedules, passenger list, and driving instructions.

  • Students assigned to specific school
  • Number of buses
  • Busloads
  • Ride time
  • Optimized route path utilizing road hazards, one-way, turn restrictions etc.

For Schools

  • Add and modify bus stops, travel constraints, and new roads
  • Assign school bus stops automatically on the basis of the user-specified walk-to-stop distance
  • Allot pickup points and drop points for students
  • Scheduling alternative pick-up point and drop point
  • Obtain historical data regarding student and bus routing for reporting
  • Locate areas of criminals or sex offenders
  • Customization options

For Parents

  • View/track arrival of the bus for pick up and drop
  • Notifications when the bus is above to arrive
  • Scheduling alternative pick-up point and drop point


The school bus tracking mechanism is the perfect solution to any organization that needs to have its transportation information available to anyone, anywhere and anytime. It is a web-based solution for transportation management. This software offers tight integration with routing, vehicle tracking, student tracking, and vehicle data status, all in one web-based interface, from any Internet-connected device.

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