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Make your collaboration easy with Fugu conference calling feature

By Ankit Sharma 12th April 2019

Team communication is the best way to improve collaboration in the workplace. To get the most out of our all-purpose team chat app Fugu, we have introduced the feature of audio-video conference calling.

With this unique feature, you can easily hold video meetings with your team. Fugu helps you in collaborating over video as seamless and as easy as possible.

Fugu Bots

Being an admin of the workspace you can easily activate your Conference Bot from the Bots section for providing video conferencing feature to all users in Fugu.

How can you send invites to people to join your conference call?

With Fugu video conferencing Bot, you can share all of the great features with your entire team using a shared Business account or you can send the invite to the guest to join your call.

In this feature release, we have simplified conference bot invitations. After enabling conference bot, you can see the video icons in different groups. When you initiate the group conference call, it will ask you to select the members you want to add in that call.

Fugu Conference call invite

How can you send invites to the guest users for the conference call?

You can easily copy the invite link and sent it to other users who are not in your workspace. And the guest can directly join your conferencing meeting without installing the tool.

Fugu guest user conference call

Our team is already enjoying this conference call feature. Now, at Jungleworks we hold all the meetings on Fugu. It’s time for you to explore Fugu and give it a try. We are looking forward to your feedback. As always, feel free to share your valuable feedback with us.

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