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Logistic Companies Delivering Covid-19 Vaccine Across Borders

By Aastha Malhotra 29th January 2021

The World Health Organization (WHO) and governments worldwide have initiated the global COVID-19 vaccine distribution at a rapid pace. However, the logistics specialist DHL’s recent whitepaper reports that COVID-19 vaccine delivery and vaccine distribution are the biggest logistical challenges for both industry leaders and local vendors in the global logistics industry. 

It demands a substantial supply-chain management initiative to transport over 10 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccines globally with an advanced vaccine delivery system in place. 

DHL’s whitepaper report on the logistical challenges of global COVID-19 vaccination initiatives estimates:

  • Logistics delivery companies will require up to 2,00,000 pallet shipments and 15 million deliveries in cooling boxes. 
  • 15,000 flights across various supply chain set-ups in the next two years.
Covid-19 Vaccine

How Logistics Industries are Handling the COVID-19 Vaccination Drive?

The medical sector is trying it’s best to produce the world’s first COVID-19 vaccination. But, do we have an efficient vaccine delivery system that can help us circulate COVID-19 vaccination.  According to a survey by Pharma.Aero and Air Cargo Association, only about 28% of the logistics companies were confident for vaccine delivery. 

Only 90 out of 180 respondents were ready with the vehicles, connections, and containers to ease out the vaccine delivery system.

Some Big Players of Logistics Industries and Their Delivery System

  • A German startup called Wingcopter is using technology to reserve its position in the vaccine delivery system. Wingcopter will be using drones to build an effective system to deliver COVID-19 vaccines to the remotest of areas.
  • HOPE Consortium, a public-private UAE company, aims to smoothen the vaccination process through safe and efficient distribution techniques by adding a group of freight forwarders. The company aims to expand a global reach to ensure that every human being is vaccinated.
  • Companies like United Parcel Services and FedEx Corp are heavily investing in getting them freezer space. However, a last-mile distribution might seem difficult. The remote and impoverished regions are difficult to access, delaying the logistics delivery of the vaccines.
  • A company named Thermo King is positioning its line to manufacture cold corridors and assist the big players in vaccine distribution.

Snowman Logistics is a specialised Indian cold-chain logistics provider shipping more than 10,000 pallets that hold 70 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines across all its locations.” We’re already managing vaccine distribution of influenza/swine flu and typhoid. This experience of ours will come in handy while managing Covid19 vaccine storage and distribution,” said Sunil Nair, CEO, Snowman Logistics. 

The Role of Freight in the Supply Chain of the Logistics Sector

To ensure a door-to-door delivery system, the vaccines must be able to find their way from the point of manufacture and the point of distribution. The freight forwards is the most crucial element in establishing this vaccine delivery system.

But, the question is, if the freight forwarders are ready to take up the responsibility of large quantities of requirements, i.e., there will be demands from almost all the countries in the world?

Indeed, it is difficult. But it is not impossible. Let us find out the reasons why the logistics industries are witnessing the greatest challenges of all time. 

Why is This a Great Challenge for the Logistics Industries?

  • The doses in the transit process must be preserved in an ultra-cold refigerated environment.
  • Countries are having protective measures to reduce the spread of coronavirus, resulting in friction in the logistics sector.
  • As the logistics sector works on links and connections, a single disturbance in the thread will create havoc in the system.
  • The estimate of the number of vaccines a logistic company will receive is unpredictable.
  • The logistics sector has been in the drug transportation business for a long time. However, the magnitude and complex nature of the present situation is too extreme.
  • Huge coordination among the private players, government officials, NGOs, and the citizens of a country is required in this unprecedented time.

How Delivery Management Software Helps 

Modern delivery management software helps businesses to reduce the delivery turnaround time, operational expenses and boost productivity. Global and local enterprises are rapidly deploying advanced delivery management systems to boost customer experience. 

A delivery management system or software is a platform that digitises core logistics operations such as dispatching, task allocation, vehicle tracking, route planning, and several other activities. It supports tracking delivery fleets in real-time through high levels of logistics visibility, reduced cost per mile, accurate ETAs, and minimal delays.  

How to Choose the Right Logistics Delivery Management System 

It’s important to choose a delivery management system for businesses. At a time of global crisis, it’s even more critical to take advantage of advanced logistics delivery management platforms like Tookan for last-mile delivery. Here is a check-list of key criteria for the right delivery management system.

Promote Visibility

Gartner emphasises ‘visibility’ as one of the biggest challenges in supply chain management across the globe. A logistics delivery management software helps track a vehicle’s location in real-time, reduce theft and pilferage, monitor the productivity of drivers, and optimise delivery routes.

Boost Productivity

Fleet productivity is critical to long-haul deliveries, especially for COVID-19 vaccines. It’s necessary to have tools that report the real-time location of delivery, automate job allocation, optimise delivery routes, and ensure greater control over third-party logistics. 

Enhance Collaboration

Logistics delivery management systems that increase collaboration are of immense significance since the fragmentation of stakeholders is a major challenge in the logistics industry. The best delivery management system improves communication between all stakeholders including suppliers, distributors, and last-mile delivery partners. 

Covid-19 Vaccine

Why Tookan? 

Tookan is a last-mile delivery management system that can track, notify and fulfill consignment delivery for a wide variety of businesses, including vaccine for COVID-19 distribution and delivery. 


  • Waybills – Logistics providers can automate barcode generation for single and multiple delivery orders to ensure efficient and timely dispatches. 
  • Geofencing – Logistics companies can mark the operational area of agents by creating multiple geofences within the app. 
  • API Access – Vendors can easily customise APIs to provide specialised logistics delivery management software for COVID-19 vaccine distribution and delivery. 
  • Recurring tasks – Suppliers can set up recurring tasks in the Tookan app with different rules to suit their business needs. 
  • Agent Management – Tookan automatically assigns consignments to agents whose progress can be effortlessly tracked to ensure delivery. The auto-assignment ensures the entire process from ordering to delivery is entirely automated and monitored. 

Alternatively, COVID-19 vaccine suppliers can also choose to use the Tookan dashboard to assign an agent to execute a particular order.

  • Reduce Maintenance Costs – We help you minimise the maintenance cost of vehicle breakdown by sending early warning alerts when the monitored part needs maintenance or close to failure.
  • Notifications – An alert sent out every time a vehicle enters or exits a Geofence, increasing operational efficiency and elevated safety and security levels.
  • Behaviour Monitoring – Our complete solution enables you to monitor your fleet’s behaviour in real-time. Know your fleet’s end-to-end driving behaviour from idling vehicle time, rash driving & much more.
  • Smart Analytics – Fleet Managers have access to information and tracking summary or up to 90 days past with comprehensive graphical reports.

What is the Future of Logistics in Such Similar Conditions?

The traditional office system that many of the logistics companies use needs modification. We must understand that the world is adapting and we must adapt accordingly. We must be ready for a similar situation that might arise shortly.

Thus, many organisations and startups are willing to apply and utilise technology to the fullest. And when it comes to technology, we cannot ignore the fact that many companies are shifting their logistics delivery from an office model to a more flexible and versatile SaaS application model. Leveraging technologies like blockchain, IoT, AI, and

Machine learning is the new future. 


COVID-19 has brought a magnificent impact on the history of civilisation. Among chaos and uncertainty, humans never stopped to explore science and technology. This enthusiasm and dedication have finally fetched us the most awaited invention- COVID 19 vaccination, and its delivery. Cheers to the hard work and dedication of every individual who contributed to the cause. Let us learn from our mistakes and make us future proof. 

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