Complete Technology Suite for
Vaccination Management

With a centralized vaccine management platform book appointments,
manage vaccine delivery and control vaccine distribution at scale.

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How Vaccination Appointment Scheduling Works?

  • Search Location
  • Select nearest vaccination center
  • Book time slot for home/center appointment
  • Provide verification details
  • Receive vaccination

Effective Vaccination Management With Appointment Scheduling

Successfully Manage Vaccine Delivery

Complete Mobility Enterprise Suite that Empowers
Vaccination Management

  • Seamless Integration Embed the Appointment management software into your own website to provide your clients a truly seamless experience.
  • Real Time In-App Chat Integrate In-App chat bot into your app and website providing customer support in real-time in case of any hassle.
  • Business Analytics Understand your customers behavior with Business analytics tools and have access to business reports to analyze performance of vaccine and make intelligent decisions for your business and customers.
  • Customer Profile Management Manage profiles of each customer to give appropriate treatments and medications as per the medical history of your customer.
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Ensure on-time deliveries with real-time route optimization
and end-to-end delivery tracking

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