Retail Data Analytics In Your Hand

Use the power of AI for your Retail enterprise. KatoAI engine uses ML
algorithms powered by TensorFlow to understand your customers, their buying
habits and is able to predict important metrics related to increase in revenue

Sell More & Retain More

Improved Customer Experience

Personalise the buying experience of the customer by identifying shopping habits and aligning product offers with targetted campaigns.

Predictive Sales

Increase productivity by 25% by predicting the items customer might be interested in and exact time they are considering making a purchase.

Optimised Item Pricing

Kato's AI engine can help you update item pricing in real-time to coincide with current demand, supply and upcoming trends.

Data Visualisation

Pre-built visual dashboards

Instantly visual your data using our pre-built Retail metrics and KPI dashboard library.

Customize the way you like

Your business is unique: so customise the entire Kato Dashboard to suit your unique retail business

Get data insights instantly

Let Kato's AI engine reveal the insights that you have been missing to help you take control of business

Customer Retention

Identify key factors of churn

Kato combines various clustering and behavioural analytics techniques to identify the patterns leading to churn

Predict churning customers

Get real-time visual data feed of possible churning customers using Kato's churn models based on machine learning

Design Retention Campaigns

Using previous campaings data, we will help you design targetted campaigns for retaining churning clients


Recommend items that are most likely to be bought

Leverage Kato's behavior prediction analytics to recommend items to customers to increase avg. sale per order

Increase Sales per customer serviced

Discover most popular & profitable items and categories so you can target your marketing accordingly and increase sales

Enhance your customers' buying experience

Kato will let you personalise your customer's buying experience based on location analytics and historical buying trends

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