Reduce Customer Churn with Kato

Managing Customer attrition or churn is the biggest challenge faced by every growing business. Kato's churn detection algorithms helps you identify the client segments who are about to churn, thus increase retention and lifetime value (LTV) of clients.

Improving customer retention by 5%,
increases profitability by 25% to 95%.

Harvard Business Review

What do we help you with

  • Identifying key factors of client churn

    Understanding key underlying factors of customer churn can be very tricky. Kato combines various clustering and behavioural analytics techniques to identify these patterns.

  • Actionable insights for implementing retention actions

    By analysing transactional behaviour, promotional campaign data; Kato will suggest plausible actions that you can take to help you retain the clients

  • Real-time data of clients most likely to leave

    Using predictive churn modelling process based on machine learning, logistic regression and recurrent neural networks, we will provide you visual dashboards with live churn data feed

Raw Data into Business Impact


Understand your use case

Customer churn for a retail, e-commerce business would be completely different from a SaaS company or a telecom company. Thus, understanding your business use case for developing the appropriate churn model is always the first and most important step


Gathering and cleaning Data

Connect and analyze data from multiple sources in ways you’ve never imagined. Then reveal the hidden insights you’ve been missing…in just a matter of minutes.


Predictive Modelling using Kato AI engine

We use various predictive churn modelling process based on machine learning, logistic regression and recurrent neural networks to predict the probability of churn with high precision and use it to flag churning clients


Implement a retention strategy

We will suggest plausible targeted retention strategies for various churned client segments to help you generate higher revenue and ensuring maximum profitability. Kato engine uses the power of data to understand reasons for customer churn and helps address issues accordingly


Iterate the models

No model is perfect. Kato engine is a powerful and intelligent medium which keeps on iterating the data models based on the data of the retention campaigns. This keeps on making the data more accurate and leads to better results every single time.

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