Uncover Hidden Insights using a powerful
Data Visualization Tool

Kato's rich data visualization puts the power of data in your hands with customized visualization
dashboards and reports to help you take data-driven decisions

Get Data Insights Instantly

  • Connect

    Consolidate the data by connecting with all the data sources

  • Cleanup

    Automatically correct data defects without affecting original raw data

  • Visualize

    Create reports and visual dashboards using pre-built dashboard library

  • Insights

    Let Kato's engine reveal the insights that you have been missing

Unleash the power of Data Visualization

Connect to any data source

Skip the data preparation nightmare. With Kato's advance business intelligence technology, even non-techies can easily join large data sets from multiple & disparate sources, and create one neat and centralized repository of all data without any coding.

Pre-built visual dashboards

Immediate visual insight comes with the push of a single button in our pre-built dashboard library. Choose from dozens of predesigned data visualization widgets, get recommendations on the best ways to view the most important KPI's instantly.

Query big data at record-breaking speed

Kato is the only Big Data analysis and data visualization tool that empowers business users to prepare and analyze terabyte-scale data in minutes -100 times more data at 10 times the speed. Now, instantly discover hidden insights to rapidly take data-driven action.

Customized Analytics Dashboard

Every company is different, and face unique data challenges on a daily basis. Generic metrics can’t provide the answers you need. But with Kato, you can get those specific answers by analysing data from different sources on one fully-customized dashboard.

Create stunning visualizations

With Kato, the perfect data visualization is just a click away. Understand your business from all perspectives with over 50 chart types – spatial maps for supply-demand, gauges to measure KPIs, line charts for trends, and pie charts for clear comparisons.

Receive insights as they happen

Your data is always changing and growing another day, another dollar. Kato's Real-time Analytics Dashboard provides advanced monitoring and analysing capabilities by allowing you to refresh and visualize key KPI's as often as you like.

Share your dashboards securely

Imagine all the people collaborating on the same report, sharing the same insights. With Kato Visual & Custom Dashboards, Admins have permissions to deny or allow functionality access to specific users, maintaining data security at all times.

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