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Laundry Services

Continuously offer your customers a clean, streamlined experience with an On-Demand mobile application - just rinse and repeat.

One of the biggest chores of the week has now been wiped away with the swipe of a finger. The integration of the On-Demand economy with the Laundry and Dry Cleaning industry has made way for smooth and painless laundry pickups and dropoffs that bring a sigh of relief to busy bodies everywhere. From in-home pickups to in-store drop offs, the On-Demand space has something to improve both your and your customer’s laundry and dry cleaning experiences.

Possible Business Models

Permanent Staff - In-Home Pickup Service

Connects customers to your Laundromat or dry cleaner. Customer will specify a pickup location where your staff will retrieve their Laundry.

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Permanent Staff - In-Store Drop OffService

Connects customers to your laundromat or dry cleaner. Customers will drop off their laundry at your place of business, and select service and manage delivery details from the mobile application.

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Marketplace - Directory Home Medical Deliveries

Customers can browse through a geographical listing of local laundromats and dry cleaners. By reading user-generated reviews and ratings, customers can choose the best service providers. This business model does not require you to own a laundry or dry cleaning business.

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