Plan and optimize routes for your fleet

Save time and fuel, and grow your business with the advanced delivery route planning

How it works?
Make route and schedule optimization easy

Import Tasks

Bulk import tasks in excel or CSV format. Uploaded details are used to auto plan routes for tasks

Assign Tasks

Assign tasks to agents based on availability and location

Optimise Routes

Our routing engine devises the shortest route possible, minimising windshield time and maximising the capacity of your fleet

Dispatch routes

Optimised routes are sent to the concerned agent, ensuring on time deliveries and saving time and fuel

  • Pick The Best Route

    Receive the shortest, less crowded and the most efficient routes to fulfil deliveries at multiple locations with ease
  • Schedule Drivers Efficiently

    Drivers can now complete more tasks and serve more customers, leading to efficient time management
  • Reduce Fuel Cost

    Optimized routes avoid unnecessary consumption of fuel, which saves substantial costs to the organization
  • Keep Customers Happy

    Timely deliveries lead to customer satisfaction, which ensures that they would stick to the platform for long
  • Real-Time Tracking

    Users can track location of agent in real time on map interface. This shared through push notifications or secure links sent via sms
  • Re-routing

    Routing algorithm keeps a track of real time traffic, time preferences, agent location and even weather conditions and optimises routes



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