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On-Demand App for


Surprise patients and recreationalists with a service that is both fast and professional - a delivery of the highest calibre.

As societal mindsets and views of medical and recreational marijuana change - so too must the businesses that provide them. Customers of this market are looking for a convenient, safe, and professional method of receiving their product - all while maintaining privacy. An On-Demand mobile application is the only solution that offers all this, and much more.

Smokeio and StoreX are both On-Demand mobile applications Juggernaut developed for the Cannabis industry that are growing exponentially - with no end in sight. You could be next.

Possible Business Models

Marketplace - In-Home Delivery Service

Allows customers to order cannabis directly to their location of choice from provider. Customer can see all dispensaries in the area, and has the option to choose which Cannabis vendor they wish to purchase from.

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Singular business - In-Home DeliveryService

Allows customers to order cannabis directly to their location of choice from provider. All delivery personnel can be contracted staff or freelancers and move from operational location to customer location.

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Marketplace - Directory Home Medical Deliveries

Allows customers to browse through local cannabis dispensaries, read reviews and search for desired strains through a mobile application. This model acts as an intuitive database, but does not process any business transactions.

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