Brokerage Services and the On-Demand Industry
Given the volatility of the real-estate sector, brokerage services have always been in demand. With our technology solutions, we help enterprises take these services directly to the consumer through Smartphone applications. Across the world, enterprises are now collaborating with local real estate professionals and freelancers to help users avail the services of a brokerage professional at their convenience and at a time of their choice. They offer valuable information relevant to one’s property, are based close to one’s location, and facilitate easy and instantaneous buying and selling of property. This eliminates the delays that are otherwise caused due to the difficulty in finding a brokerage firm.
Why Choose Juggernaut?
Operational Expertise

Our team harbors extensive experience to help you with an on-demand platform to cater users.


Our platforms are designed to handle unlimited requests, with a capacity to carry out over 40k+ transactions per day, thus helping your enterprise grow.

Fastest Time to Market

The expertise and improvisation at our end ensures that your business goes live in less than 3 months from the point of its inception.

Global Presence

We cater enterprises from across the globe and have worked on over 300 live on-demand platforms in recent years for different domains and enterprises.

What On-Demand Industry has in store for your
Brokerage Services Business?
Incoming Orders


Accumulation of data over a specific period offers understanding of the customer requirements and queries pertaining to brokerage.
Orders Track

Increased Efficiency

Ensuring that the user demand is met through a consistent supply of service providers adds to the credibility of the enterprise.
Customer Feedback

Market Growth

Technology integration allows room for expansion which encompasses more professionals and people across different markets and geographies.