Case Study Jugnoo

The Challenge

With expansion in multiple verticals, Jugnoo faced plenty of challenges.

Receiving orders over phone calls often led to wrong deliveries because of the miscommunications.

Manual order placements were time-consuming and hand-written order details were difficult to interpret.

Improper fleet management led to wastage of fuel, manpower and money.

With Jugnoo’s entire data scattered at various places, it was impossible to look for important information.

  • "Great food variety, easy options to commute and good restaurants at your doorstep.. What more do you want??"
The Process

Jugnoo mobile application is one stop shop for customer’s various needs. From auto rides to groceries to online food ordering to deliveries; Jugnoo caters to the instant needs of customers.

Realising that Jugnoo needed to be backed by technology for smoother operations, Nextjuggernaut developed a powerful management platform. To overcome the challenges of on-time deliveries, we introduced advanced features like route optimization, geo-analytics and auto-allocation. For proper management of fleet, we enabled real-time tracking for managers to keep an eye on all fleet members.

  • "This hyperlocal multipurpose app can be used for various transactional activities in day to day life. Can get you fast service at your doorstep"
The Result

With its presence in 40 cities, Jugnoo is now trending at 40,000 daily transactions. Several prominent investors have raised funds for Jugnoo.

Optimized routes and automated deliveries have made Jugnoo’s field force more productive. 50% reduction in fuel costs and 43% increase in efficiency of fleet made Jugnoo the leading hyper-local on demand service provider.

  • 40K
  • 6K
    Odd Engaged
  • 5M
  • $1M
    Avg. Monthly
  • "It has affected daily life in a positive manner, bringing us closer to the dream of a cashless society"