Case Study Iggbo

Iggbo revolutionized Phlebotomy using Juggernaut

Regulations in the US prevent physicians from directly charging laboratories for blood testing, making the internal phlebotomist infrastructure a cost centre in one stroke. Iggbo is the future of professional phlebotomy. It connects phlebotomists, physicians, patients and labs to deliver high quality venipuncture services any time, any place. Designed as a complete solution for the entire laboratory blood testing process, Iggbo manages every aspect of the diagnostic testing -- from the initial requisition to packing and shipping of samples.


Due to the number of parties involved, building Iggbo had a unique set of challenges.

  • The doctors needed access to an online panel that would let them seamlessly order tests from a network of laboratories while requesting a phlebotomist to conduct the blood draw
  • The phlebotomists needed an easy way to confirm their availability and manage their work schedules
  • The platform had to enable coordination between the phlebotomist and the patient to prevent patient no shows
  • Solution had to take into account and manage work in accordance with policies of individual labs
Our Solution

Click Labs built the phlebotomist side mobile app for Iggbo and a web panel for doctors. We are currently building a patient side interface for them.

  • Physicians order a test from a network of labs, and an appointment instantly goes out to a pool of blood draw specialists. The phlebotomist can access the invitation and accept it on their phones — either with a click, or immediately if they have turned on “auto-accept” functionality.
  • To ensure appointment integrity, the process orchestrates reminders to the patient via email, text, and phone to minimize patient no-shows
  • Physicians can post their request to their favourite phlebotomist or let Iggbo search.
  • Quality can be constantly monitored by tracking and processing service provider activity during the course of a request execution.
  • Platform provides the phlebotomists easy access to service and shipping instructions from the assigned lab on their phones

Platform has scaled to more than 6,000 doctors and phlebotomists across 18 cities including Richmond, Los Angeles, Detroit, Seattle and New York.

  • Laboratories have been able to carry out better diagnostic science with access to more patient blood draws through Iggbo.
  • Phlebotomists’ time and skills are applied where they create the highest value and earn the highest compensation.
  • Iggbo has been successful in preventing any preferential tie-ups between physicians and laboratories